You may have noticed that there is a lot of empty office space around recently. In fact,  the overall citywide vacancy rate ticked up a full point to 16.5%. However, if you include the sublease space, some analysts are claiming the number is closer to 19.5%. To make matters worse, there is an estimated 400,000 square feet of new office space coming to market in early 2018. This isn’t good news if you own an Oklahoma City office building.

If you expect to fill vacancies in your Oklahoma City Office Building, you need to attract tenants with something better then your competition is offering. Here are 4 ways we think you can make your Oklahoma City Office Building stand out in the crowd.

Oklahoma City Office BuildingModernize Your Lobby

The lobby is the first thing your potential tenants will see when they come into your building, and it is the first thing those future tenants clients will see as well. Upgrades to the lobby (and other common areas like hallways) will help you rent out space because your tenants will see the value it gives them in attracting and retaining clients.

Updating older lighting fixtures is a simple way to modernize your Oklahoma City Office Buildings lobby. Switching to an updated 2×2 ceiling system with indirect/direct recessed LED lighting is one of the most effective office building improvements a landlord can install.

Modernizing the Lobby color scheme and furniture can also go a long way in turning your office building into the place everyone wants to house their business in.

Automate Your Building Systems

A huge upgrade to any Oklahoma City Office Building is to bring the building into the future by adding automated building systems. With this new system automation, you can monitor your buildings lighting, power and HVAC systems to make sure you are operating at peak efficiency. This not only saves money in energy consumption, but also in service calls as the technicians will be able to see exactly what the problem is and fix it faster.

While adding automated building systems, you may also wish to consider adding a CCTV security system, and network wiring (and/or fiber optics). These are all great selling points to attract tenants.

Consolidate Your Vendors

A lot of times, money is wasted on having multiple vendors doing things that one vendor can take care of. At BRAVO! Group Services, we can take care of all your janitorial needs as well as HVAC, electrical systems. Having a company like BRAVO! Group Services consolidate your building maintenance needs saves you money, and that money can be passed on to your tenants, or used for better upgrades that your tenants can enjoy. Either way, BRAVO! Group Services can help your Oklahoma office building be a better choice for a business looking for a new office location.

BRAVO! Group Services building maintenance and monitoring will allow you to have the best in market reliability on all your building utilities, allowing you to offer a state of the art facility to new tenants, and their clients.

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