The Mecklenburg County Health Department inspectors have been spending some extra time with many a Charlotte NC business as of late. It may seem nerve wracking when the health inspector shows up, but in reality, they are their for your best interests as well as the best interests of the general public.

As a Charlotte NC business owner, sometimes it is difficult to make sure your staff are keeping everything in order the way it should be. And usually, your staff would rather spend their time doing their own job then cleaning. When that happens, problems can arise that may lead to liability issues for you in the long run.

Be Prepared for Charlotte NC Business Inspections

Charlotte NC BusinessEvery Charlotte NC business wants top marks on their health inspection. So what is the best way to accomplish this? You need to be prepared for the inspection. And we don’t mean finding out when it will take place and doing extra work before the inspector shows up. If you want your business to pass the inspection with flying colors, you need to foster a environment of cleanliness, and have your business ready for inspection at any time.

The best way to do this is to hire a commercial cleaning service like BRAVO!. A commercial cleaning service can come in after hours (so as not to interrupt your regular business) and clean your business in a way that only professional cleaners can. Your staff is trained to do their jobs, and they do it well. They are not trained in commercial cleaning techniques. A professional cleaning service is. They can make sure that your business is exceeding the standards set by the health department so that your business always receives a top bill of health from the health department inspectors.

Knowing Where to Clean

Another reason that you may want to bring in a professional cleaning service for your Charlotte NC business is that people who are not trained properly in commercial cleaning may not know all of the places that the health inspector checks. If your regular staff doesn’t know to clean these places, then they will not be clean for the inspection. A trained cleaning staff knows what the inspector is looking for, and will go out of their way to make sure all surfaces that should be cleaned are thoroughly cleaned.

Look Out For Dangerous Chemicals

One of the biggest advantages of using a professional cleaning service for your Charlotte NC business is that the cleaners will keep all the cleaning chemicals with them. This eliminates any possibility that either your staff or your clients will accidentally come into contact with dangerous cleaning solutions. Instead, all chemical cleaning agents will be left in the hands of people who are trained and qualified in their proper use. This is another liability issue that you will not need to be concerned with when you hire a commercial cleaning service for your Charlotte NC business.

So give BRAVO! Group Services a call today, and let us put together a cleaning plan that best suits your business needs. Together, we can make your business shine!

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