Let BRAVO! keep your environment healthy

If not diligently managed and maintained, healthcare facilities can be breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, disease, and environmental contaminants. It is a fact that contamination is a major cause of healthcare associated infections (HAI) in the U.S.—some estimates push that number to nearly 2 million per year, with annual deficits exceeding $50 billion in cancelled Medicare/Medicaid payments. This is a health organizations worst nightmare and it can have ramifications not only on patient treatment, but also on your bottom line ROI.

BRAVO! provides total environmental healthcare solutions

At BRAVO! we have extensive experience working with a wide variety of healthcare providers, hospitals, and treatment facilities. Our highly trained team will ensure that proper environmental cleaning standards are met so that your facility will always get a clean bill of health. Our comprehensive program adheres to stringent sanitation procedures and techniques, and maintains environmental best practices at all times.

We’ll help you eradicate HAI permanently

As you know, all healthcare organizations have certain criteria, standards, and certifications that must be met and adhered to. But that is merely the bare minimum. The most successful facilities go above and beyond to ensure environmental health and safety. And that’s exactly what BRAVO! delivers. Our comprehensive environmental solutions program will not only minimize the risk of infectious diseases and contamination, but it will help maximize your productivity and profitability.


The BRAVO! Advantage

  • Reduce the risk of infections
  • Increase HCAHPS ratings
  • Receive ongoing clinical and technical support
  • Minimize factors that cause contamination
  • Establish stringent cleaning procedures and practices
  • Create a more healthy and profitable environment

A team of highly trained experts

At BRAVO! our history and reputation speak for itself. We have been working with healthcare organizations for years and understand the critical nature of maintaining a safe, sterile, environmentally compliant facility. Our staff is second to none, and has the proper training and expertise to make sure that all health standards and requirements are met—and then some. Our health specialists have the advanced training and technical understanding to keep your facility operating at maximum efficiency.


Let us help you ensure environmental health

To schedule a consultation assessment of your facility contact us today. Find out how we can help you improve sanitation and health requirements in order to maximize your productivity and bottom line.

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