Children get sick. It doesn’t matter if you run a preschool, or a college level school facility, chances are you have students missing days because they are sick. It doesn’t take a graduate to figure out that missing class can have a negative impact on a students education. But what do you do? every kid gets sick at one point or another.

Be wary of germs in your school facility

The Washington Post did a report about how many parents send their sick children school simply because they can not afford to take the day off of work to stay home and care for the child. These means that those children are then spreading germs around classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, lunchrooms and any place else in your school facility for other students (and staff) to pick up. And these germs can stick around for days infecting dozens of other students and staff, some of whom will not have the luxury of being able to stay home, so they will bring in new germs and start the cycle over again.

school facilityProper cleaning can reduce exposure

It is unrealistic to think that we can prevent all student illnesses. And any student illness will bring with it the potential to infect more students. As a result, it is imperative that we do everything we can to reduce the chances of the spread of illness in our school facility. The single most effective way to reduce the spread of illness in the school facility is to keep all surfaces in common areas clean and sanitized. If you eliminate the germs, you eliminate the spread of the germs. This means that a thorough cleaning of classrooms, hallways, bathrooms and lunchrooms is done on a regular basis. The more frequently this is done, the lower the chances of spreading illness.

Bring in an outside Cleaning Service

Your school facility probably has a janitor, or two. They are necessary for cleaning up incidents that happen during operating hours. Let’s face it, students can make a mess. However, your school janitor likely doesn’t have time to do a thorough cleaning off all common areas after school. This is when it is best to bring in an outside cleaning service. After the students have gone home, and the staff is done for the day, an outside cleaning service staffed with highly trained professionals, can show up and do a thorough cleaning of all the common areas of your school facility to make sure the chances of germs being spread through the school day is kept to a minimum.

At BRAVO! Group Services, we have a staff trained in all the latest cleaning technology and techniques that can make sure you have a properly cleaned and sanitized school facility. Our staff can reduce the amount of sick days both your students and staff take, and therefore raise the students grade levels. We may not be able to stop kids from pretending to be sick so they can play hooky, but we can keep the germs away and reduce actual sick days.

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