If you run a small business, you may be wondering if it is better to hire a professional janitorial service, or just try to run a clean shop and have your regular staff clean up when needed. It may seem like the later is the better economical decision, but the truth is, it isn’t. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider when deciding if you should hire a professional janitorial service.

A Professional Janitorial Service Knows How To Do The Job Right

I am sure your staff is good at their job. That is why you hired them. You wouldn’t hire someone to do a job if they didn’t know how to do it properly. But that is what you are doing when you ask your staff to take do what a professional janitorial service should be doing. You are taking people you hired because they were qualified for one job, and asking them to do a different job. This is a waste of time and money because your staff will take longer cleaning then someone who is trained to clean offices. Your staff may also not do the best job at cleaning because they are not trained in what type of cleaner to use in what situation, or in the best practices of office cleaning. If you want a job done right, you should hire professionals.

A Professional Janitorial Service Will Keep You Stocked on Supplies

A professional janitorial service doesn’t run out of supplies, and they check your office supplies to make sure you don’t run out either. What could be worse then having a big client show up for a meeting, and you are out of toilet paper or paper towels in the restroom? A professional janitorial service will keep track of your supplies, and usage to make sure you never run out of the essentials that you and your staff may overlook.

A Professional Janitorial Service Saves Your Time & Money

As we mentioned above, a professional janitorial service is trained to do the best possible cleaning job in an efficient manner. This means that it will take them less time to do a better job then you would get from just having your staff clean up. We also mentioned that they will keep your office stocked on things like toilet paper and paper towels. This will save you the time of sending someone to the store to buy that stuff.  A professional janitorial service will also only charge you for the time needed to clean your business. You don’t have to worry about paying someone for 4 or 8 hours when the job can be done in 1 hour.

A professional janitorial service is also trained on the proper ways to sanitize and disinfect all of the places that are known to spread germs. Let’s face it, you may have a great accounts receivable department, but I doubt they clean a toilet like a professional janitorial service. Putting extra care and attention into keeping these areas clean reduces the chances of your staff spreading illnesses that end up sapping productivity, or even causing sick days.

If you are still wondering if hiring a professional janitorial service is the right choice for your business, call your closest BRAVO! Group Services office. We will be happy to go over your needs and develop a plan tailor made for your business to get you the best possible professional janitorial service for a great price.

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