If you are in Columbia, SC, then you have probably been to the little artsy neighborhood in the heart of downtown and just on the edge of the University of South Carolina campus called the Vista Neighborhood.

The Vista Neighborhood, Columbia SCNot to long ago, the Vista Neighborhood was another victim of urban decay. Empty warehouse after empty warehouse in a part off town nice people didn’t go. But these large, empty, light filled warehouses were cheap to rent, and the artists flocked to them. Pretty soon, it became a hidden gem. A place for the cool people, the trend setters, and the underground. Soon, hip little shops, trendy restaurants, and happening bars started to fill the remaining old buildings, and a neighborhood filled with style, soul and vibrance emerged.

Most of the historic buildings in the area have been preserved and are a shining example of adaptive reuse. It is an amazing site to see these classic buildings being repurposed into new, modern, chic businesses. Of course, it takes some work to get these old brick and mortar artifacts up to code and running safely and efficiently, but that is a task that we are up to. To see a merging of modern and historical esthetics come together is a wondrous site.

The Vista Neighborhood contains so many dining and entertainment choices that it is truly the place to be for a night out on the town. And during the day there are plenty of hidden gems to experience as well.

A New Life on Main Street

Walking distance from the Vista Neighborhood is Main Street. Every Saturday morning, the amazing Soda City market takes over Main Street with a cross between a farmers market and flea-market/swap meet.

Recently, city planners unveiled a proposal to take the 8 block district south of the Capital on Main Street and widen the sidewalks and add greenery and park space. If this plan goes through, we could see this section of South Main Street become another amazing destination for a night out in Columbia, SC.

The area is filled with amazing mid century architecture, and, if implemented properly, can be a real jewel for the city. This untapped resource could easily become like the Vista Neighborhood with shops, fine dining and entertainment.

Anyone looking to start or expand their business in Columbia, SC would be wise to consider either the Vista Neighborhood or South Main Street. However, wherever you choose to open a new business location, BRAVO! Group Services has a local team of professionals that can come in and help you upgrade and maintain your electrical systems and HVAC systems as well as add state of the art security systems, and schedule janitorial services to keep your business clean, safe and secure. Location may be an important first step to opening a business, but first impressions of the client are just as important. And to make sure you alway put your best foot forward, having the BRAVO! team behind you to make sure you are clean and efficient is a great advantage for any business.

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