It seems like everywhere you look someone is putting up another Bentonville AR apartment building. One has to wonder how long it will take before supply starts to outweigh demand. One thing is for certain, as renters begin to be presented with more and more choices, Bentonville AR apartment building owners will have to work harder to keep their properties fully occupied. Here are a few ideas on how to best accomplish that.

Build Community

It is one thing for a renter to be a tenant, but when they feel as if they are part of a community, they are more likely to stay for the long term. When your neighbors are your friends, you don’t want to leave them. As a Bentonville AR apartment building owner, you can encourage that sense of community between your tenants in many ways. If your building has a gym, have friendly competitions. If you have a clubhouse, or pool, have barbecue’s, potluck dinners, or other activities. If you apartments have patio’s, then have patio decoration contests. Around the holidays, you can have holiday decoration contests. When you encourage a sense of community in your building, your tenants will want to stay.

Keep Your Bentonville AR apartment building fully occupiedKeep The Building Maintained

This may seem like a simple thing, but if you want to keep people at your Bentonville AR apartment building, you need to keep the building maintained. No one wants to walk down the hall to their apartment in the dark because a light burned out, or have the hallway outside their apartment be dirty, smelly or not have a proper temperature. You need to make sure the HVAC system is properly maintained, lighting is checked, and the floors are kept clean.

BRAVO! Group Services can set you up with a great building maintenance package to keep your buildings common areas, and hallways clean as well as to service your HVAC and electrical systems. Just give us a call, and we can set up a maintenance package that fits your Bentonville AR apartment building’s needs.

Have Security

The world is not the same as it was when we were kids. Crime can happen anywhere, and people are far more concerned about crime now then they have ever been. Most Bentonville AR apartment buildings have some sort of security system in place, whether it is just the front door and intercom system or something more. The more security you have, the more comfortable your tenants will feel. How much security depends on the area your building is in, and your budget. You could increase lighting and install cameras in the common areas, or you could bring in a uniformed guard 24/7 or just over night. The level of security you should have is really determined by the building location, and individual circumstances.

Having a clean, safe and friendly environment can do wonders for not only retaining tenants, but getting new ones. Word of mouth is a powerful marketer, and if your current tenants love their Bentonville AR apartment building, they will tell others. There is no better way to keep your building fully occupied then keeping your tenants happy.

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