More And More People Are Returning To The Workplace. CLEANING IS NOW ALL ABOUT HEALTH.

A Safe And Healthy Facility Is What We Are Expected To Provide To Our Customers.

Our Programs To Keep Occupants Healthy And Safe Incorporate:

Enhanced Cleaning, Disinfection Services, & Innovative Technology

As a result of the pandemic, the way the world views cleaning has changed. Front-line cleaning teams are essential. It is imperative that effective cleaning and disinfection is done on a regular basis to reduce the risk of infection spread and give returning occupants greater peace of mind that organizations are prioritizing their health and safety.

BRAVO! is uniquely qualified to offer our solutions for your janitorial requirements with our enhanced disinfection services and opportunities to utilize the latest industry technology, innovation, and AI.

Our Training Program

Our front-line teammates, supervisors, and managers are comprehensively trained on correct procedures for disinfection, including best practices for surface cleaning and infection control. In addition, our trainers and response teams are GBAC certified in prevention, response, and contamination control measures to COVID-19 or other potential infectious disease outbreak situations.


Our Customer Communication

A true partnership is achieved when consistent and transparent communications are maintained between our BRAVO! team and our clients. This is most important when opportunities for service enhancements are discussed and areas needing additional services are brought to the customer's attention, ensuring the facility or workplace is cleaned correctly while staying in budget.


Our Technology

We are committed to our position as an industry leader in the adoption and utilization of technology that delivers a higher level of cleaning and disinfection.

  • Electrostatic Sprayers
  • Robotics and AI
    • Autonomous Vacuum Sweepers and Floor Scrubbers
    • Smart Sensors
    • Web Platforms and Digital Dashboards that provide details of cleaning and disinfection in a given workspace
    • Touchless Hand Sanitizer Stations to reduce cross-contamination
    • MoonBeam3 UV Technology using ultraviolet light to disinfect high-touch surfaces
    • ATP Testing to provide post-cleaning/disinfecting sampling and verification
    • Blue Box™ for HVAC anti-microbial cleaning, yielding improved air quality and reduced CO2

Our Program Management

Over 85% of Americans say they want validation that workplaces are following a regular cleaning and sanitation regimen.

Our cleaning and disinfection programs undergo frequent quality inspections using BRAVO! Performance Management, our web-based, mobile inspection technology. This technology integrates our managerial and janitorial processes to provide us with the data to continually improve our service quality. In addition to our supervisory and managerial inspections, our BRAVO! Continuous Improvement managers will confirm quality inspections are performed as scheduled, issues resolved, and results reported on time.

We report our janitorial cleaning and disinfection performance through multiple reporting mechanisms, including:

  • Online Inspection Reports
  • Monthly Operations Meetings
  • Quarterly Business Reviews

Client will be provided with comprehensive quality assurance documentation including inspection reports, quality score trending, performance metrics, and LEED reports.


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