Balancing Cleaning Frequency with Cleaning Costs

One of the most important issues when hiring a cleaning company is choosing the right frequency for cleaning services. Should a client set too high a frequency, they could wind up paying more without actually gaining a great deal in return. In contrast, should a client set too low a frequency, their cleanliness and thus their business operations could end up suffering because of their lack of cleanliness. Unfortunately, there is no simple and straightforward answer to this particular problem, though there are some general guidelines that might prove helpful.

Are Your Cleaning Service Providers Showing Up Enough?

For starters, there are a lot of factors that should influence the frequency of cleaning services. One example would be the number of people who pass through, with more traffic generating more of a demand for cleaning services. Another example would be the location that needs to be cleaned because some locations have much more impact than others. For instance, the employees’ break room and the employees’ restrooms are locations that should be cleaned on a daily basis at a minimum because a lack of cleanliness there can send the employees’ morale plummeting. Similarly, entrances and parking lots should receive the same consideration because they will be critical for a business’s effort in forming a positive first impression. Suffice to say that a good first impression will make it much easier for businesses to sell interested individuals on their products and services. In contrast, a bad first impression is an albatross around the neck that could very well doom such efforts from the start. Besides, there are other locations that might need a daily cleaning, with an excellent example being equipment that might need to be cleaned to slow down the rate at which it accumulates wear and tear.

Ultimately, there are other sources that interested parties can use to determine whether they are getting enough cleaning for their premises. For instance, their experience is one of the best indications of whether they are actually getting what they need or not. Basically, if interested parties need that a part of their premises is either not getting the desired results because of a lack of cleanliness or isn’t dirtied before getting its scheduled cleaning, that could be a sign that they need to make some adjustments. Furthermore, interested parties might be able to consult their janitorial service providers about the recommended frequency of cleaning services because presumably said companies will have plenty of previous experience with other clients with similar needs, thus enabling them to come up with accurate estimates. Theoretically, there is the issue of cleaning companies suggesting higher frequencies than what is actually needed, but that can be mitigated by consulting multiple cleaning companies as well as choosing those that have managed to build up a reputation for reliability.

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