Clean air will make the most out of your office space. Imagine working in a room smelling of dampness, with little or no airflow and the steadily rising smell of your workmates closing in around you. Add to that the asbestos ceilings, poorly cleaned and outdated air conditioning as well as lack of ventilation. All these could lead to long-term health issues. Below are some air quality solutions tips to ensure your employees are breathing easy.

Ventilation And Air Flow

Many office buildings are designed to be closed off; they are constructed with non-opening windows and often have two or more doors to open before you enter the main area of the office. In such conditions, it is difficult for air to flow, let alone feeling a breeze. Airflow is vital for keeping air from stagnating, and stagnant air is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Good ventilation allows air circulation so if there is something negatively affecting the air, it will not affect your employees.

Proper Air Conditioning

Placing a few fans around the workplace will hardly circulate any air, leaving employees to breathe the same air over and over again. Airflow must be achieved, to allow new air in to the work space as old air is taken away. The best solution is a quality air conditioner or heat pump – something which will move the air from the office and allow fresh air in – in combination with an exit for the atmosphere, such as a slightly open window or exit to the outside via a duct.


Having your heating system, ventilation and air conditioners cleaned regularly will keep the air unpolluted and prevent harmful buildups of dust and mold deposits. Also, make sure your HVAC duct is cleaned properly as even when it is being “cleaned” it is still possible to release all that dust and dirt into the air if the vacuum is not effective. Enlist for quality HVAC maintenance program such as BRAVO! to ensure that your unit is always working efficiently as well as optimizing comfort conditions.


Maintaining a healthy humidity level is essential. If it’s too damp, you run the risk of mold buildup in air vents and the dark corners of your office. If it’s too dry, the workers will be dehydrated and uncomfortable. This can be rectified with a dehumidifier or humidifier respectively. Maintain the dehumidifier and humidifier in good working condition by emptying the water buckets when they are full and have them serviced regularly.


Having a few plants in your office environment will not only perk up the look of the office, but it will also provide a vital natural air-cleansing system. Some plants are better than others for expunging toxins from the air. To benefit from the natural air-purifying system ensure the plants are well cared for.

These air quality solutions will go a long way in making a comfortable working place. Contact BRAVO! for reliable HVAC repair, installation, and service. A pleasant environment ensures your employees and workmates are happy, motivated and productive.

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