How Fast Can Germs Spread?

Germs can spread with remarkable speed. For example, when someone with the flu coughs, sneezes, or even so much as start talking, that releases infected droplets that can be breathed in by other people within three feet. Likewise, once someone has touched a contaminated surface, they can catch the flu by just touching either their eyes, their noses, or their mouths with the responsible hand. Combined, these factors should make it clear that flu season can pose a serious threat to businesses.

Why Are Germs Such a Huge Problem for Businesses?

In short, an employee who has managed to catch the flu is an unproductive employee. In part, this is because the flu will have a notable impact on their performance for the worse. However, it should also be noted that flu patients can spread their infection to other people, who in turn, can spread it to even more people.

As a result, it isn’t unknown for businesses to come to a grinding halt in flu season when the flu runs rampant though their employees. After all, office spaces tend to be places where a lot of people spend a lot of time in close proximity to one another, thus creating the perfect conditions for an infectious disease to spread. Even worse, people might not treat cleanliness at work with the same seriousness that they treat cleanliness at home, thus increasing the chances of germs spreading from person to person.

How Can Businesses Maintain the Optimal Standard of Cleanliness?

Luckily, businesses are not helpful when it comes to protecting their employees from the flu as well as other infectious diseases. For example, one of the simplest measures is to make sure that employees stay at home when they are sick, which comes with the dual benefits of boosting their recovery time and preventing them from spreading their infections to others. However, the most effective solution might be as simple as maintaining a certain level of cleanliness at their office spaces.

In short, one of the biggest problems with the flu is that the germs can get everywhere because of nothing more than people touching a contaminated surface and then touching other surfaces without washing their hands. Maintaining a certain standard of cleanliness ensures that contaminated surfaces are cleaned off sooner rather than later, which is particularly important because germs can linger on such surfaces for hours and hours with no issues whatsoever. Of course, it can be rather challenging to get a business’s own employees to maintain the necessary degree of cleanliness, which will require not just the right expertise, experience, and equipment but also a sense of professional diligence that is most often found in professional cleaners.

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