Shocked by the appalling state of your office’s washrooms? Chances are that you detest the hygienic standards of their washrooms at work. Well, you’re not alone. Get this. According to expert findings, an estimated 21% of all office workers have encountered fecal matter outside the toilet shank or bowl. And get this, roughly 42% of all workers dread the thought of stepping into their Office Restroom.

Filthy Spaces

In recent times, however, employers have continued to come under increased pressure from the public to improve the hygienic standards of their washrooms. After all, a regular employee spends around 13 minutes per day using the toilets. Some people don’t always visit the toilet for the obvious reasons. No, some people view the office washrooms as an ideal getaway environment away from the pressures of the office. On average, an employee will end up spending some 53 hours within the Office Restroom.

Germ Transmission

It’s no secret, therefore, that the toilet spaces at workplaces ought to kept at topnotch hygienic standards. Failing to keep them spotlessly clean and germ-free puts every one of these employees spending 53 hours per annum using these premises at grave risk of contracting all manner of diseases.

Sustainable Solutions

If the washroom environment is unsanitary and contaminated and a bug outbreak erupts, the entire office shall sure succumb to the infection. It won’t take long for the affected staff member to transmit their air-borne condition to the rest of their colleagues. Such an epidemic or disaster would have, however, been mitigated and put to check by having clean, well-aerated and hygienic office washrooms.

Hygienic Washrooms

Getting professionals to assist with cleaning of the germ-infected and dirty washroom facilities is the best gift you can give employees, as a boss. Hire award-winning janitorial service providers like the Bravo Group Services and transform your lackluster-looking office washrooms into hygienic facilities for the employees to refresh and unwind as they work.

There is an excellent likelihood that by sprucing up the hygienic standards at your office, you are certain to notice a bump in productivity and creativity from your delighted employees.

As an environmentally conscious consumer, you are interested in using sustainable products at your washrooms for preserving and protecting the planet. The Bravo Group Services is an eco-friendly company that offers the following essential janitorial services for commercial and private clients.

  • Sustainable janitorial services
  • Healthcare environmental services (EVS)
  • Mechanical janitorial services
  • Electrical services
  • Maintenance and operating services
  • HVAC maintenance

Getting Help

Partner with consummate washroom hygiene professionals and have them install an advanced hand washer at your workplace. Offices lacking properly set up hand washing stations are at a heightened risk of disease outbreaks.

It goes without much saying, that healthier employees tend to be more productive and consequently the positive ripple effects result in driving up the company’s revenue. Create healthy and hygienic office environments and stand back as you enjoy the beautiful transformation in the morale and overall health of your esteemed staff.

In conclusion

To view additional janitorial services up for grabs for offices and other public spaces, please be sure to visit the Bravo Group Services official website right away. Bravo Services has scooped many professional awards for their excellent quality services and reliable products. The company’s incredible rates also add to its popularity.

Reach out to this award-winning and fully accredited janitorial services provider and request your free quote to get started.


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