Have You Considered the Cleanliness of Your Office?

Most people have a general understanding that cleanliness is a good thing. However, the importance of cleanliness for the office becomes much clearer when interested individuals look into the facts, which are both numerous and rather horrific in nature.

What Are 5 Facts that Will Make You Want to Hire an Office Cleaning Company?

Here are 5 facts that will make people want to make sure that their office is clean:

There Are About 10 Million Bacteria on an Average Office Desk

For starters, the average office desk has about 10 million bacteria on it. This isn’t a particularly informative number since most people know that common surfaces tend to be filled with lots and lots of bacteria. However, 10 million is a number that becomes much more concerning when one realizes that this is 100 times more than the number of bacteria that can be found on the average kitchen table. Something that should provide concerned individuals with plenty of food for thought.

Office Cleaning CompanyMice and Keyboards Are Some of the Dirtiest Surfaces

With that said, it should come as no surprise to learn that some surfaces are much dirtier than others. For instance, both mice and keyboards tend to be some of the filthiest surfaces that can be found in the office, both because they receive so little cleaning and because they come into so much contact with their users’ hands. Unfortunately, we use our mice and keyboards so much that we tend not to give them much thought, thus making ourselves that much more open to being contaminated through them.

62 Percent of Americans Eat Lunch At Their Desks

Speaking of which, the dirtiness of the average office desk isn’t helped by the fact that 62 percent of Americans choose to eat their lunches at their desks. Simply put, there is a very good reason that people are recommended to keep their food as clean as possible before consumption, meaning that office desks should be seen as being that much more of a potential threat.

20 Percent of People Clean Their Office Desks Before Eating

Most people have packed schedules. As a result, it can be very easy for us to forget to clean contaminated surfaces such as those that can be found on our desks, particularly when the problem isn’t immediately apparent to them. Unfortunately, this means that no more than a meager 20 percent of people bother to clean their office desks before they start eating.

Indoor Air Quality Can Be Much Worse than Outdoor Air Quality

Of course, the problem with office cleanliness isn’t limited to office desks. For proof, look no further than the fact that the air quality of closed office spaces can be much worse than the air quality of the outside, so much so that some sources have claimed it to be potentially 500 percent worse.

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Summed up, it is clear that offices need a thorough cleaning on a regular basis to ensure a level of cleanliness that will please the senses and protect the employees. For that kind of service from a reliable office cleaning company, please contact BRAVO! to learn more about how we can help.

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