It is critical for business managers and entrepreneurs to ensure that the sanitary conditions at the premises are at tip-top. The neatness and cleanliness of your office are what meet a prospective client. On the other token, it takes a clean working space to retain your existing personnel, keep your staff happy, and even attract clients. That’s an indication of just how important it is to hire professional janitorial services for the office to remain clean.

BRAVO! Cleaners are experienced and understand what to do, and how to do it, so you can make the most out of our office cleaning services. Throughout our years in the industry, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a strong reputation by offering services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Because hiring means a significant spend, it is important to know how you can make the most out of your janitorial services. Here are our top professional tips.

Flexible Pricing

In the commercial scene, many cleaning services are contracts that cover a number of years. Regardless of the dynamic business environments, most businesses scarcely feel the real value of the cleaning service during hard business times due to a rigid pricing agreement.

Finding a scaling price for monthly service will help your business as a professional janitor will adjust their cleaning schedule to meet your business needs, unlike a preset price. That also helps as you can request one-time special office cleaning services such as tidying things up for a banquet at the conference room without pondering about a shoot in the price.

Maintain Clear Communication Channels

As aforementioned, persons’ needs change every now and then. At BRAVO! we always encourage people to contact their service provider. If perhaps this winter season presents a few cleaning issues that make it imperative for the cleaner to spend more time at the premises, we will make changes to the schedule and have that done.

Communication also means explaining to the head janitor about the shortcomings of their services. If you feel that at a point within the contract timeframe a cleaner is increasingly overlooking or working against the contract, feel free to contact the head janitor to have that sorted out.

Constant Change of Employees Is Not Good For Business

Most cleaning companies have high janitorial turnover is one of the thing perturbing clients. Not only does it cost you cash, but having new faces every time evokes a worry and safety issues to employees working at a premise. High turnover can reduce the service value, and you won’t get the most out of your costly cleaning services.

While still under training or when they are newly recruited, new cleaners may barely attain the required productivity level or may miss out on critical responsibilities, forget to work on damaged equipment and waste the supplied materials. Always remember to hire a janitorial company that keeps their employees. At Bravo! We work with highly trained professionals who have worked in us for many years.

Your Service Contractor Must Value Everyone in their Teams

From the manager to the salesman to the cleaner, every staff has a role to play in the level of service quality you get from your hired cleaning company. We understand that you require quality services from the word go till the end of the contract. That’s why at BRAVO! We screen every employee, performing background checks and recruitment processes that don’t compromise on minimum standards.

Additionally, ensure that the company respects every employee’s culture including timely and fair remuneration. When cleaning staffs are satisfied, so can they work diligently and productively.

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