Smart lighting is the use of an external system to control your lighting. This means you can use your computer, tablet, or specific interface to control the lighting according to your preference. If the lights have colored LEDs you could change the colors, the intensity of brightness etc. Smart lighting has a whole range of possibilities on what you can do. Although smart lighting (LED technology) is mainly known for its energy saving capabilities, there is a whole lot of things you can still use it.

Reducing Fatigue

Did you know that studies have shown that our sleep can be induced by certain lights? Yes, LED smart lighting can be used to cause better sleep and reduce overall body fatigue. Our bodies react to low levels of lighting by releasing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that deals with regulating our sleep patterns. When the sun goes down there is an increase in melatonin and therefore smart LED lighting can be used to automatically counteract this. This helps your employees stay awake and focused during those late nights at the office, or winter days where the sun sets early.

Improving Productivity at the Workplace

The Benefits of Smart Lighting Go Beyond Energy SavingsLighting greatly affects how our bodies function. Some companies have found a way to benefit from this concept to increase productivity in their companies. Changes in lighting can trigger certain psychological responses and morale in employees. For example, using red or orange LED lighting in a workplace will trigger production of melatonin which will cause fatigue or drowsiness hence slow productivity. Using of bright cool white light that mimics daylight will make the employees more alert and productive.

Smart Lighting is also good for Health

CFL lights contain mercury and they do produce toxic fumes when they break. Using them at the workplace can be counter-productive because you are putting your employees under health risks. Inhalation of toxic fumes and mercury could lead to organ failure like lungs and kidneys, nervous injury, immune failure and digestive problems. CFL lights also emit small amounts of UV radiation that is dangerous over time. LED lights on the other hand have zero radiation and they do not break easily.

Temperature Regulation

There is no way to control lighting with CFLs which, emit a lot of heat, but in LED lighting you can actual control the lighting and they usually do not emit a lot of heat. Temperatures at a workplace will greatly affect the productivity of the employees (as well as HVAC costs). Higher temperatures cause dehydration, heat fatigue and drowsiness. High temperatures also cause irritation and lowers concentration span. LED lights can create a cooler environment and make the employees comfortable and work for longer without irritation or fatigue.

Cost Effective

Smart lighting technology has been very helpful especially when it comes to reducing the cost incurred during lighting. Traditional lighting systems like CFL were quite expensive due to the amount of energy they used. LED technology however is a cost effective and environmental friendly lighting system. Since you can control the brightness levels and when incorporate motion sensors to light a room when someone gets into it and switch off when they walk out, LED lights are a very efficient lighting method. One can be able to control the amount and type of light they want and still save a lot of money in the process.

If you want to save money in the long run and increase the productivity of your staff, investing in a smart LED lighting system is a good place to start. BRAVO! Group Services has experts that are able to design a custom smart lighting system that will work best for your facility and your business. Contact one of our offices closest to you to get started.

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