Many years ago, I used to work in a warehouse. We didn’t have a maintenance crew. We just did everything ourselves… or, more realistically, we just didn’t do enough ourselves. My section of the warehouse was through another section from the main offices. One day, during a particularly busy time of year, I was walking from the offices to my section while looking over an order that was just handed to me. As a result, I didn’t see the things that were not properly put away on the floor in the section of the warehouse that I had to walk through to get back to my section, and I slipped and fell. I ended up with a metal rod through my leg that left me with permanent nerve damage in that leg.

Was that my fault for not paying attention to where I was going? There certainly is some blame to place there. Is it the person who worked that part of the warehouse’s fault for not putting cleaning up after themselves? Well you can place some blame there as well. But during a busy time, don’t you think management should have been prepared for things to not be cleaned properly by an already overworked staff? Maybe some fault needs to be left at the feet of the people who opted not to have a cleaning crew come in a clean the area up.

The Right Crew For The Right Job

Workplace Cleanliness Increases SafetyMany businesses think that keeping your facility clean is simple. They think that the regular staff can just tidy up a bit and everything will take care of itself. Unfortunately, many people today will find that demeaning. As a result, they will do a sub par job at the cleaning duties you assign to them, and they will take longer doing it. They will feel like this is time that they should be using doing their job, and as a result, their productivity will decrease.

This is why it is preferred to hire a cleaning crew to come in after hours and clean your facility. A professional cleaning crew take pride in their job, and will do it to your specifications… every time. They know how to clean properly because the company you hire trains them. 

A professional cleaning company trains, certifies, and background checks their employees. This way, you know who is coming into your facility, and you know they will do the job right. Not only does this training help professional cleaners keep your facility looking great, and running safely, it also protects you from having your staff make mistakes with cleaning chemicals that could be dangerous. (Trust me, I have seen a restaurant evacuated because the busboy didn’t know that mixing chlorine and bleach wasn’t a good way to mop…).

Call the experts at a BRAVO! Group Services office near you for a consultation on how to best keep you facility clean. A clean business increases worker productivity, sets a good first impression with clients, and reduces injuries to your staff.

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