Why should you Outsource Maintenance?

Do you like the size of your payroll? Just thought so. Many employers do not like incurring much expense on Payrolls. Notably, in-house employees cost the organization quite a reasonable amount of money through wages, benefits, and insurances. To mitigate this problem you can outsource some services to external companies. One of the areas you probably want to outsource, is the janitorial and maintenance department. By outsourcing your facility maintenance, you will save yourself the headache of training staff, and not to mention the costs that comes with the process.


Supplement Your Staff By Outsourcing Your Facility MaintenanceBRAVO! Is a nationwide company that brings together the experience of many people in many places and combines that experience to serve your businesses needs.  Because we have a large, multi state staff, it is efficient for us to keep all of teams rained up on the latest tools, and techniques of their specialties.  With BRAVO! You always have the best people for the job when you need them, and only when you need them.

With BRAVO! You have a single point of contact for all your maintenance needs.  No need to figure out who to call for what problem.  One call to BRAVO! Will fix everything.

Some businesses think that they can just have their office staff do the cleaning.  In some cases they may even ask an office staff member to do some electrical work.  This can be dangerous as well as a liability.  It also reduces the productivity of that staff member.  Besides not being able to do their job while they attempt this task that they are not trained for, this also has a negative effect on morale.  Not only do they do the job they have no experience doing slowly, but when they return to the job you hired them for, they do that more slowly as well.

What type of Services do we Offer?

Office Cleaning– Are you having a rough day in the office? Worry no more because BRAVO! Staff will help to tidy up your office while you focus on what is important.
Commercial Cleaning– Does your windows on elevated places such as skyscrapers need to be cleaned. Worry no more because at BRAVO! We transform your common area into a clean and sanitary environment that attracts people.
Electrical Work- Do you want to upgrade or repair your current electrical work. Our organization provides repair services and upgrading your electrical fittings to modern ones.
HVAC Maintenance– You might realize people in your building are suffering from flu and other fungal and bacterial infections. This scenario calls for HVAC inspection and cleaning. It means that air ducts system are dirty and they might be harboring molds and mildew. BRAVO! Helps in cleaning and maintaining HVAC system to ensure a clean supply of air. Additionally, we use the anti-microbial suspension to eliminate disease-causing pathogens.

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BRAVO! Group Services has offices across the country to serve your business.  Save your self some time and effort and make BRAVO! Your one call for all your facility maintenance needs.

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