Summer is nearly here. However, along with the bright, summer skies, comes warm weather pests: mosquitoes, ants, mold, germs and mice. To avoid a pest infestation and all of the headache that comes along with it, you must keep your work environment clean and free of contaminants. Rodents, insects, and bacteria need very little food to survive, so sanitation must be done with extreme care and attention to detail. This is where BRAVO!, the best of commercial cleaning companies, can help.

commercial cleaning company aids pest controlIt can be difficult to know exactly how pests get into your work pace, thought it is usually very clear why they’ve come inside – food. Staff eat in the office kitchen or at their desks, clients bring food into the waiting rooms, or the postal worker could have a wrapper in his pocket which falls out and leaves behind small food particles: food for ants and mice is potentially everywhere. Crumbs will often collect in hard to reach places, or simply spaces we just do not think about, like along baseboards, behind faucets, and so on. In addition, any build up of garbage and recycling will attract bugs and rodents, as the food left on wrappers and smells of decomposing organic materials will have such pests coming in through any gap they can find. And so, why not ensure that pests have no reason to enter your workplace? BRAVO! offers an extensive list of specialized janitorial services that can help you remove any and all appealing crumbs and smells. Kitchen sanitation, computer room cleaning, restroom sanitation and recycling services are just some of the things that can be done to make your office as unappealing to insects and rodents as possible. They even offer general maintenance services, and so the cracks in window sills and gaps under doors can be fixed, creating a pest-proof environment for you, your staff, and your customers.

Bacteria also pose a greater problem in the warmer months, as heat and humidity help bacteria to grow and multiply at greater rates. Think about how many shoes walk across the carpet in your office, how many hands touch the walls, door handles, and railings, and how many times the upholstered chairs in the waiting room have been sat in – soft surfaces and hard surfaces both provide opportunities for bacteria to collect and reproduce. Restrooms are also breeding grounds for bacteria, with all of their handles, doors, knobs and the many hands that touch them every day. BRAVO! provides services to help you here too, offering complete care of soft services like upholstery and carpets, and sanitation of hard services and restrooms. By actively and thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces, BRAVO! ensures that no germs are safe – in fact, BRAVO! have extensive experience working in healthcare facilities, where it is of utmost importance to eliminate and disinfect everywhere that harmful pathogens can collect.

Summers are also humid, and the perfect environment for mold growth is warm, damp spaces. Poor ventilation, condensation and leaky plumbing can create ample opportunities for mold spores to collect and grow, creating major health concerns for employees and clients. Not only can BRAVO! help to clean up the havoc caused by mold and damp, but they can also help you to prevent them in the first place. Maintenance services will ensure that plumbing and heating and cooling units are well maintained and in good repair. They are also able to clean HVAC systems, ensuring that dust and mold spores are removed from the air circulating through the building. And, you don’t have to worry that all of this cleaning will introduce new contaminants and harsh chemicals into your work environment either, because BRAVO! are a sustainable cleaning service, using only products which will protect human health and the health of the planet, creating a holistic approach to cleaning services and procedures.

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