The old perception of sex-segregated washrooms is not going down; however, alternatives are blowing up in most facilities. Only male and only female restrooms tend to create gender-based differences that are biologically not there as both the female and male perform the same function in the toilets. This alternative includes the unisex restrooms and the gender-neutral restrooms. Gender-neutral washrooms are usually an isolated large booth, and in the U.S they are mainly in healthcare facilities, groceries, and restaurants. They rarely raise concerns as no exceptional care is required. Unisex restrooms are toilets that any gender, both male and female, and even children escorted by a grown-up are allowed to use.

Unisex RestroomsMost people have mixed reaction and especially from women who fear the closeness with men in such settings. However, this should not be the case as sexual assault is unlikely to happen in a crowded restroom. Men too feel uncomfortable as the may be wrongly misjudged to be watching the women. Nevertheless, Unisex toilets help address the distresses of the transgender people who at times think frightened and agitated in the sex-segregated washrooms as they are often supposed to be in the “wrong” place. They also aid the disabled people and children who require help from assistants do so regardless of their gender.

The numbers of the unisex restroom are expected to rise considerably shortly due to some reasons.

  • Unisex bathroom saves a lot on the building cost as only a lesser amount is required to construct one large washroom for both genders rather than distinct only male and only female toilets.
  • The cost of fixing and plumbing both refurbishing and renovating is significantly reduced as the urinal is not set up and thus only the wash-hand basin and more toilets are installed
  • All sex washrooms have significantly reduced the waiting time in restrooms especially for women as indicated by a recent research with an additional bonus of having to incur no overhead cost. They are as a result of the removal of a urinals allowing the installation of at least two toilets.
  • It saves cleaning and upkeep time as it takes lesser time to clean one large washroom rather than when cleaning two small single rooms.

Bravo Group services have proven that washing one large washroom may seem more comfortable in comparison to two small single rooms, but that’s not always the case. Further, they state that due to the many toilets and circumstances where women use the washroom to breastfeed, a lot of stalls will have their sink, this, therefore, slows down the cleaning process. Bravo Group service on anticipating this, offers the right cleaning procedure that provides a proficient way of eradicating germs and microorganisms on the furniture and surface. An alternative option to this procedure is the spraying and vacuum cleaning machine that hastens the cleaning process. The group service provider insists that extra time for cleaning and precautionary upkeep help save a substantial sum of cash and enables the equipment work proficiently.

Introduction of unisex restroom especially in large establishments should be done progressively without isolating anyone. A few gender-segregated washrooms should be kept intact to respect those who want to use them do so respectively and at the same time enjoy the gains of the unisex restrooms. Change has always seen with fear, but sooner than later it becomes the existing state of affair.

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