All buildings today are looking forward to reducing costs devoid of lessening the excellence of the building’s image. Facilities administrators have found various ways to support this objective, for instance using energy-efficient lighting fixtures and making sure that light is off. While it might not be the first place that crosses your mind, several simple alterations in washroom fixtures can also add to reducing outlays and have the additional advantage of keeping the washroom dirt free for your visitors.

Washroom maintenance decreases expenses.

Washroom Maintenance Can Save Your Business MoneyEradicating the usage of paper towels in the washroom also assists reduce maintenance fees. Wet and used paper towels regularly overflow trash containers and can then wind up being scattered on the floor, or worse clog the drains. Think also about the shelf space required for storing the supply of paper towels, in addition to the time it takes workers to restock dispensers and get rid of the waste. Hand dryers with high-speed aid to keep a washroom spotless and eradicate the annoyance of attempting to employ a jammed-full paper towel dispenser or getting it empty. New technology shows that hand dryers can function for ages on negligible maintenance.

Low flow washrooms

The savings realized from low-flow toilets will counteract the remodel and restoration, potentially reducing over $100 every year. For some washrooms, it might take a very little time to recover the costs. However, more than anything, employing less water is the most vital aspect of the low-flow toilets. You are not using excessive amounts of potable water, and thus you will save more. Also, you do not have to fret about pressing the flush button too many times.

Waterless Urinals

With the arrival of waterless urinals, there is far less outlays owing to abridged water use and associated costs without forgetting no frequent flushing! Clients do not require touching the flush valve; thus there is a less possibility of germs spreading. And due to their growing reputation, waterless urinals can normally be acquired for a price close to the more conventional urinals.


Windows are an excellent place to begin when remodeling your washroom: Think about replacing the existing windows with energy ones that bear the energy star label. These window types are lined to avoid your washroom from getting too cold or too hot. Energy efficient windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, offering you a wide selection when choosing the best for you.

Bathroom lighting

Is your office washroom too bright? You can determine the brightness via a light meter, which can as well tell you how your washroom lighting contrasts to lighting standards. Also, change your washroom bulbs for LEDs, this will considerably slash your washroom energy usage.

Pay attention to the big picture.

Research has revealed that automatic hand dryers can save companies up to 99 percent in its operating expenses when compared to the paper towels—eliminating much of the upkeep caught up in restroom maintenance, including disposal and restocking. By improving the efficiency and functionality of washroom fixtures, you can decrease and even do away with some maintenance expenses and aid improve your business bottom line. If you are interested in saving cash then BRAVO! is your go-to place when it comes to efficient washroom maintenance. Call us today to get a quote for your washroom maintenance needs!

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