Everyone is always looking for that magic trick to increase office productivity. You know how long it takes to do things, and you are pretty sure your staff can be more productive at their jobs then they are being, but what can you do to increase their productivity. What if I told you that hiring an office cleaning service might just be the magic trick you have been looking for? I mean, they do come in after hours and make your office look shiny, clean and ready for work before you come back in the morning. That is kind of magic isn’t it? But in reality, a clean office affects productivity, and here is how:

Healthy & Happy Employers

No one does their best work when they are not feeling well. If someone comes to work with a bit of the flu, they will not work as hard or be as productive then if they feel great. They will also contaminate every surface they touch, and possibly spread that flu to everyone else in the office.

A cleaning crew will sanitize touchable surfaces, bathrooms, and break rooms in your office to limit the potential for the spread of illness. Dusting and vacuuming also reduces dust, pollen, and other allergens then can leave your employees working at less the peak performance.

Hiring an office cleaning crew keeps your office looking good as well. When your office looks good, and is in order, your staff will be in a better mood, and will be able to work more efficiently.

Healthy & Happy Equipment

All that dust and dirt that we just mentioned doesn’t just cause your staff to feel bad and reduce their productivity. Dust and dirt also can clog up vents, and get into moving components on your office equipment causing all sorts of problems like overheating, excessive energy consumption, and even catastrophic failure. Having a clean office affects productivity of your office equipment just as much as it affects your office staff.

A Profesional Atmosphere

A Clean Office affects Productivity in a good wayAs a mentioned earlier, when your office looks good, your staff feels good about working. They take pride in doing a good job, when you take pride in the business they are a part of. A dirty, or disorganized office sends a subliminal message to staff that it is ok to slack off.

Another reason that a clean office affects productivity is that a clean office looks professional, and looks like everyone is concerned with doing a good job. When clients arrive in a clean office they expect more, and are willing to spend more. This creates an atmosphere that pushes your staff to do more for them.

Of course, all of that can be sabotaged if you expect your staff to do the cleaning. Your staff isn’t trained in proper cleaning techniques, and will not be as efficient at that job as they are at their own job. They will also not be motivated to do a good job when you are asking them to do something that they are not trained in.

Your best bet is to bring in an office cleaning company that has people who can do a great job for a good price. They will make your business clean, and fresh. Morale and productivity will go up because a clean office affects productivity.

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