Hurricane Irma is currently crashing into Florida, and moving North. By Sunday night, Charlotte NC is expecting 25mph wind gusts that will increase through Monday to 43mph gusts by Monday night. Although this is nothing near as bad as our friends to the south have received, this is enough wind to send tree branches and debris flying around our city and possibly even uproot some trees. We are also expecting some strong thunderstorms and rain.

This debris and moisture can easily get into your business and cause all sorts of problems for weeks into the future. Moisture can cause mold growth, and debris can enflame allergies. Either of these issues can reduce productivity in your office and lower profits by causing sick days, and leaving unpleasant smells that will drive customers away all while forcing your staff to do clean up work that they aren’t trained for, when they should be doing their jobs.

Keep Charlotte NC cleanStorms like this can happen on a regular basis in this part of the country. Even though Irma isn’t hitting Charlotte NC directly, the remnants of this storm can still cause problems. We also have Hurricane Jose in the Atlantic that may come up the east coast, and other storms in the Atlantic that still may form and cause even more problems for the Charlotte NC area.

When you live in an area that can be prone to destructive storms like this, it is imperative to not only have a clean up plan in place, but to have a regular building maintenance plan in place to be prepared for and limit damages that may occur as a result of these storms.

Lightning and water can cause serious problems with your electrical system. Surges can destroy your computers and other electrical equipment. Having a good electrical system installed for your needs with surge protectors, GFI’s and battery back ups is a great protection from severe thunderstorms.

BRAVO! Group services has a great team set up in the Charlotte NC area that can help you set up your electrical system to minimize the effects of future storms.

Our team is also well trained in office cleaning and janitorial work. We can dry out your carpets and remove allergens from your building to get you back up and running after a storm, or after a busy work day.

Our HVAC crews can clean out debris from your ventilation system that can be left behind from these types of storms to help improve air quality in your office building.

The benefit (if there is any) of these huge storms is that we have plenty of warning that they are coming. However, as we all know, severe thunderstorms can pop up randomly at any time of year and cause localized damage that is as bad as, or worse, then a hurricane like Irma brings to Charlotte NC. Living in the southeast, it is necessary to have a proper building maintenance plan in place, and a proper clean up plan set up to fix the damage that can come at any time.

If you have a business in the Charlotte NC area, call BRAVO! Group Services and we will work with you to come up with a plan to help your business weather the storm!

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