For any doctor, it is important to promote patient health. But do you know that promoting patient health starts right in your office? A clean and sanitized environment is a great way to show your patients not only how to care for themselves, but that you care for them as well.

In a Doctors Office, People Expect Cleanliness

A clean doctors office is a necessity. I think most people would walk out if they showed up to a doctors appointment, and the office was a mess. Let’s face it, a mess isn’t sanitary. But a lot of us get lost somewhere between a mess and spotless.

The cleaner your office is, the better your patients will feel about their visit, and the less likely they will pick up a stray germ while they are at your office. Let’s face it, you have people in and out all day long. They touch desks, pens, door knobs and hand rails. Then the next person to visit your practice does the same.

promote patient healthAll Surfaces Can Spread Contagion’s

Bacteria and viruses can linger on any number of surfaces in your facility. How many people sit in your waiting room every day? How many of them look at the same magazines, and brochures? Patients use the restroom, and touch your receptionists desk, pen and maybe even the office phone. Any germ that one patient may have been carrying can quickly be given to the next patient. If you are serious about trying to promote patient health, then you need to make sure these surfaces are all properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

Increase Your HCAHPS Scores

Having a clean office does more then just promote patient health. It can also increase your Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey scores. Better scores not only influence patient retention, but can also be a determining factor when a new patient is deciding to choose your facility or a competitors. A highly qualified cleaning service that specializes in healthcare environmental services will have a proven track record of increasing HCAHPS scores.

With Professionals, You Can Expect The Job Done Right

If you expect to put your best foot forward and make a great first impression when new patients arrive at your office, or if you just want to reassure your returning patients that their health is the most important thing to you, then you really should hire a qualified cleaning service. Doctors understand that when someone needs proper care, they need to seek out someone who is trained to give them that care. Your office is no different. At BRAVO! Group Services, our staff is trained to properly clean and sanitize all touchable surfaces in your practice. We research the best chemicals to use to rid your facility of contagions, and still be gentle enough for your patients. If you are serious about how to promote patient health, then start at your office by bringing in the most skilled team of cleaners to make sure you have a clean, and healthy work environment.

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