With world class, top of the line medical facilities in Bentonville, Ar, it is clear to see that medical cleaning in Bentonville, Ar has come a long way. In early March of 1862, the Civil War erupted around Bentonville, Ar. The delicate dance between the Union and Confederate armies started with skirmishes around Bentonville, and culminated in a Union victory at the Battle of Pea Ridge.

With Union forces reporting over 900 wounded and Confederate numbers likely being in the same range, we can only imagine the number of surgeries, amputations and other procedures that took place around Bentonville after the battle.

Civil War Medical Cleaning

In the 1850’s Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch were making remarkable strides in germ theory, however, it wasn’t until the 1890’s that their theories started to win out in the medical community. As a result, proper cleaning and sanitization wasn’t even thought of during the Civil War. Infection and sepsis probably caused more Civil War deaths then direct gunfire. Bone saws often went from patient to patient without any concern for transmitting blood born pathogens, and doctors would seldom “wash up” between procedures. It is hard to imagine a day when neither scalpel or forceps where sanitized or even washed between patients. And if they weren’t concerned with the tools, they most definitely didn’t concern themselves with keeping beddings and touchable surfaces clean and germ free.

Modern Medical Cleaning in Bentonville, Ar

Medical Cleaning in Bentonville, ArLuckily for us, medical cleaning in Bentonville, Ar is much better these days. In the beginning of the 1900’s, people began to realize that microscopic material (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc) can cause illness and disease. This began the modern era of medicine where it started to become standard procedure to sterilize surgical instruments. Soon after they realized that the surgeon should sterilize their hands, and clothing before operating, and eventually it was decided that the entire room that operations take place in should be sterilized between patients. These days, we even sterilize the rooms patients recover in, and even the communal areas of the hospitals.

Of course, proper medical cleaning in Bentonville, Ar should be done by trained professionals. At BRAVO! Group Services, our local Bentonville teams are highly trained in the most up to date techniques for medical facility sterilization. No matter what type of medical facility you have, we can set up the perfect plan to cover your needs and stay in your budget. We have a proven track record of raising HCAHPS scores, and improving employee and patient morale. Our Healthcare Environmental Services (EVS) division knows how to reduce healthcare associated infections, and therefore limiting your exposure to financial penalties by our stringent guidelines.

Although the medical professionals of the Civil War were the cutting edge of surgical technology in the 1850’s, we are glad that science, medicine, and cleaning techniques have come a long way since then. Together we are reducing infection rates, lowering recovery times, and helping people get back to their lives. Modern medicine is an amazing advancement of our time, and medical cleaning in Bentonville, Ar is on the front line of Healthcare Environmental Services.

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