Most of us spend a lot of time at work. Usually, at least 40 hours a week. That is 2,080 hours per year. Depending on where you work, there are countless other people who share that space. Some of them may not be as clean as we would like. As a result, those surfaces at our place of work can become contaminated with any number of bacteria and germs.

Think off all the surface you touch at work. From door knobs to copy machines to bathroom sinks. Who was there before you? How many people were there before you? The amount of contaminants that can accumulate on these surfaces is frightening.

Does Your Staff Clean Up After Themselves?

germs in the workplaceSome workplaces expect their staff to clean up after themselves. They think that this is good enough. But let’s be honest here, although most people will gladly put things away when they aren’t using them, or even pick up after themselves if they have made a mess, they aren’t going to perform the deep cleaning necessary to ged rid of germs. They might “clean” but do they sanitize? And do you want them to? My guess is that your business isn’t cleaning. Therefore your staff isn’t professional cleaners. So if you are expecting your staff to clean, then you are paying them to do something they are not properly trained to do. Any good business person will tell you you need to hire people that are properly trained for the job you expect them to accomplish. So if you are looking for someone to do good cleaning, hire a cleaner.

Professional Cleaners Save You Money

Many businesses don’t want to outsource their cleaning because they think it is just an additional expense. What they fail to realize is that professional cleaners save them money in more ways then one.

First, as we already mentioned, if you don’t bring in professional cleaners, then you usually expect your staff to do the cleaning. This means that untrained people who are (in many cases) more trained cleaning crew is can clean your office faster, and better then a trained accounting department.

Second, a trained cleaning crew knows what surfaces need to be sanitized, and are not squeamish about tackling dirty places other employees may avoid. This will greatly reduce the germs in the workplace and that will lead to a more productive staff that takes less sick days.

Third, an outsourced cleaning staff can be scheduled to do their jobs outside of regular business hours. This cuts down on distractions, and allows your staff their full day to do their job.

Hiring a cleaning service for your business is usually a sound economical decision. Besides what we already mentioned, a cleaning crew makes your business look, smell, and feel more pleasant to any customers or clients that come by. And as we all know, First impressions matter. Having a clean, sanitary property with a health, happy staff makes a good first impression.

Call BRAVO! Group Services and we can tailor a cleaning plan for your property that will keep your staff and clients safe, and help save you money and increase profits.

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