Have you been noticing a lot more people on the streets and in the shops of Bentonville recently? It is no surprise. According to the Northwest Arkansas Council, no city in the state of Arkansas added more people than Bentonville between July 2015 and 2016. It is no wonder Bentonville is one of the fastest growing communities in Arkansas. Our friendly residents clean streets, and small town vibe is attractive to people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of a big city. But as the city grows, can it stay the city we love?

Anyone who has lived in Bentonville, AR for a while knows that more and more new people keep showing up. Some people will always be grumpy about the added crowds, but for most Bentonville businesses, the change is welcome. More people moving into the area will bring economic growth, community building, and cultural expansion. Of course the more people that move into our beloved town the more we will have to deal with the problems that come with expansion. As a community, it is imperative that we come together to keep Bentonville a safe, friendly, and clean place to live.

First impressions are very important to people. When someone new (or even someone who has been here for years) comes into a business in Bentonville, it is important that they see a clean environment. People tend to equate cleanliness with trustworthiness and a good work ethic. Having a clean place of business is like telling your client “I will work hard for you.” And in Bentonville, AR we are a proud, hard working group of people.

Cleanliness Keeps Us Safe

Bentonville, AR is growingOutside, in our city streets, parks and wilderness areas, cleanliness keeps us safe. Trash has a way of attracting trashy people. But a clean environment brings a sense of security, calm, and ease.

The same can be said for our businesses, medical facilities and schools. Clean places mean the people around care about those places. It means that the people in that area care enough to give the extra effort to make their city clean.

Bringing in a professional cleaning service like BRAVO! to clean your Bentonville, AR business, medical facility, or school can also keep you, your staff, and your visitors safe from illness. Pollen, mold and spores can be tracked in on the shoes of anyone entering your premises. Cold and Flu germs can stick to touchable surfaces. Having a professional cleaning service can help eliminate these problems with proper cleaning and sanitization of floors and surfaces. This reduces sick days, and lets everyone in your facility breathe easier.

So give BRAVO! a call today, and we can help your Bentonville, AR business prepare for the future by being clean and welcoming to employees and guests. We don’t just keep you clean, but we help you save money and increase profits by making your business one that people will come back to over and over again.

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