Veronica Murillo from CBRE in NJ has been awarded the Rising Star – Employee of the Month Award for the month of July in recognition for her hard work and customer service.

We received a customer feedback, “I just wanted to take a moment and provide a kudos to Veronica who is the cleaning person on the second floor in my area and bathroom. I made a mess at my desk yesterday with Styrofoam ball that disintegrated all over my desk and floor. I was ready to clean it up , but Veronica came over and cleaned everything, which I felt bad for. You can say that this is her job, BUT she came over with a smile, NOT ONE COMPLAINT and assured me that it was OK, she had this.  Veronica is very thorough with her job and always has a smile when you see her.  I constantly see Veronica in the lavatories cleaning up, but due to the influx of people it is a futile attempt, but she diligently makes the effort and is constantly in the lavatories. Considering some of the untidiness’s I have seen 1st hand that she has had to clean up, she needs hazard pay!!!! She shows a very strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Veronica definitely always goes above and beyond for her duties, plus always has a HUGE SMILE!!!! I enjoy seeing her, as she has brightened up my days in the past and is just a sheer delight to have around.”

Keep up the good work!

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