Rubens Dufau, Senior VP, and Tony Bertini, Vice President of Operations, Attend ISSA Regional Meeting: Strategic Maintenance for Operational Excellence

ISSA Regional Meeting

The ISSA Regional Meeting: Strategic Maintenance for Operational Excellence was held in New York City and presented by David Frank of the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences.

In today’s highly unpredictable economy, facility managers are being asked to clean buildings using fewer resources due to declining revenue and budget shortfalls. Many executives and administrators are now in uncharted waters and demanding reductions of 10-15 percent or more. This unprecedented economic downturn has impacted both private businesses and publicly funded cleaning departments. In-house managers and building service contractors must assemble an innovative strategy to clean buildings with less labor and materials. The key to a successful transition is to define the operating budget, restructure the workforce, contain all costs, and perform an operational gap analysis. Managers must abandon traditional tactics and document the elements of a coherent plan to clean the facility at a lower cost.

This half-day seminar identified critical elements of the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS-GB). CIMS-GB quality management principles are designed to create operational excellence for both in-house and building service contractors. Participants learned how the elements of the standard can be used as a tool for benchmarking, evaluating, and improving service delivery.

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