Operations- Carpet Cleaning

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Regular carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your facility and extending the life of your carpet.  Finding an appropriate time to clean high traffic areas can be a challenge. Our new technology will leave your carpets dry and open to foot traffic in less than 30 minutes.

Many carpeted surfaces are located in areas that operate 24/7.  Whether it is a hallway in a residential complex, a lobby at a hospital, or a facility running three shifts, carpets need to be cleaned without limiting access to daily foot traffic.

Our Tennant 1610 Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner is the solution to convenient and thorough carpet cleaning.

Our on-site demo will show you how the Tennant 1610 Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner.

  • Leaves the carpets dry in 30 minutes with Ready space Technology
  • Provides interim cleaning and restorative extraction on one platform
  • Delivers power and flexibility in one machine


Anthony Bertini
Vice President of Operations


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