Day Cleaning Summer 2017

“Not in My Building”

This is the knee jerk reaction we normally hear when we start discussing the concept of converting a facility/property from night cleaning to DAY CLEANING.  It is understandable because on the surface, the concerns seem insurmountable and the benefits less obvious.

Most don’t initially realize the benefits of DAY CLEANING. These include:


  • Energy consumption is reduced.
  • Labor productivity rates increase.
  • Virtually no capital investment.
  • Security cost decline.


  • Carbon footprint reduced.
  • Energy Star and LEED enhancement.

Occupant/Tenant Satisfaction

  • Seeing is believing- when people see the cleaning being done, they become more satisfied.
  • Issues are resolved more quickly.
  • High traffic areas (entrances, restrooms, conference rooms) are attended to more often.
  • Occupants know and trust their cleaner creating a more personal bond.

Many facilities/properties are well-suited for the conversion to DAY CLEANING.  The best candidates are corporate facilities, single tenant properties, or larger multi-tenanted office buildings with one or two large anchor tenants.  Least suited are multi-tenanted buildings with a large amount of relatively small tenants.

If you are interested in a potential 4-8% cost savings, improved security, reduced cleaning complaints and higher tenant satisfaction you may want to reserve judgment and refrain from saying “Not in my Building” until you speak with your cleaning contractor.  BRAVO! Is a certified provider of HHPC-Day Cleaning (Healthy High Performance Cleaning – Day Cleaning).

Michael Amoroso
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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