BRAVO! Group Services Displays Brand Expertise at ISM-NJ Women & Leadership Conference

2017 ISM-NJ Women & Leadership Conference

Michael Amoroso (VP Sales & Marketing at BRAVO! Group Services) and Tori Tietz (Director of Business Development at Control Temp Mechanical Services, a division of BRAVO!) welcomed conference attendees to their booth at the 2017 ISM-NJ Women & Leadership Conference. BRAVO!, one of the largest facility support companies in the country, was founded 20 years ago by President & CEO Karen Martinez, who continues to trailblaze her leadership at the helm of the company as well as within the industry.  Contact BRAVO! if you need a unique facility support solution for your janitorial, mailroom, or concierge service needs or if you require the expertise of our Control Temp HVAC, electrical, and mechanical technicians.    866-OH-BRAVO

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