Are Your Employees Returning to the Workplace?

Protect their health with easily accessible Purell® Hand Sanitizer Stands to safeguard against viruses and germs.

We can help...

Contact us at to place your order now.

  • Minimum order: four (4) stands per customer

  • $84.50 per stand + shipping/handling

  • 2 NXT 1-Liter Refills included with each stand

PURELL® Quick Floor Stand Kit

for PURELL NXTTM Refills

Any Time. Any Place.

  • Fast and temporary access to PURELL® Hand Sanitizer – it’s a quick stop for sanitizing
  • Great solution when immediate access to PURELL Hand Sanitizer is needed
  • Corrugate stand can be easily moved and placed where needed most
  • Recyclable
Hand Sanitizer Stands
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