Does your janitorial services provider have a formalized cleaning plan to protect occupant health in the WORKPLACE?

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We do.

Our REFINE Infection Prevention Program is a multi-step plan that delivers a safe and healthy workplace for re-entry. We focus on deep cleaning, high-touch surface disinfection, and emergency response to COVID-19 exposure, while maintaining compliance with CDC regulations, standard operating procedures, and best practices.

NOW is the time to make the switch to BRAVO!


Ready to get back to feeling like you did years ago at work?

You can depend on us to assure your workplace is ready and you can get back to feeling like you used to at work.

Key Findings:

63% of employees would be comfortable returning to the office, 27% would not, and nearly 10% are unsure about returning.
76% would strongly prefer daily temperature checks for employees. 59% favor contact tracing, and just over 54% would like to see regular diagnostic testing.
Most would like to see the office disinfected and sanitized at least daily, if not more often.
The majority of respondents would like to see offices operate at a reduced capacity and have the option of working in the office less frequently.
Many would like to see benefits like childcare, commuting assistance, and more to help offset costs not incurred when working remotely.
Although working remotely came with challenges, just under 40% of workers were more productive at home, and 19% feel more productive when given a choice of where to work.
Many of the benefits employees want are related to recreating some of the benefits of working from home.

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