Employee Recognition Program

2019 Annual Awards

This program has been designed to foster a culture that values quality work, safety, creativity, and integrity by recognizing those employees who demonstrate their commitment through consistent outstanding work.


Award Name: Jim Vosburg Mentoring Award

Open to all Operations and Office Staff

PRIZE: $1,300

The James Vosburg Mentoring Award recognizes individuals, who like James, have a passion and commitment to develop others in the organization. This award is presented to the team member who has the ability to recognize potential in their team members and helps them develop so they can move upthe corporate ladder.

General Criteria


  1. Must have worked for the organization for one year.
  2. Must not be in probationary period at the time of the nomination.
  3. Must not have being selected winner for previous annual recognition awards in the last 24 months.
  4. Consistently performs high quality of work indicated by the Quality Assurance reports and customer satisfaction feedback.
  5. Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned.
  6. Performing other roles when the department is short-staffed.
  7. Demonstrates a willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed or requested.
  8. Has a positive, friendly, and professional attitude.
  9. Displays exceptional dependability and little to no supervision.
  10. Creates a positive and safe work environment and enhances the image of the organization.

Specific Criteria For Jim Vosburg Mentoring Award:

Please provide examples of how nominee has:

  1. Built strong commitment and reputation for developing others in the organization. How he or she has shared their knowledge to unselfishly help a team member grow in the organization.

Bonus Points

  1. 1+ years without recordable injuries and insurance claims.
  2. Managing 100+employees; multi-sites.
  3. Compliant with HR/Payroll

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