Employee Recognition Program

2022 Annual Awards

This program has been designed to foster a culture that values quality work, safety, creativity, and integrity by recognizing those employees who demonstrate their commitment through consistent outstanding work.



Only current employees of BRAVO Group Services are eligible to participate in the Employee Recognition Award Program.

Nomination Criteria

All nominations must meet the general criteria below in addition to the specific criteria for each award.

The nominee:

  1. Must have worked for the organization for one year.
  2. Must not be in probationary period at the time of the nomination.
  3. Must not have been selected winner for previous annual recognition awards in the last 24 months.
  4. Consistently performs high quality of work indicated by the Quality Assurance reports and customer satisfaction feedback.
  5. Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned.
  6. Performs other roles when the department is short-staffed.
  7. Demonstrates a willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed or requested.
  8. Has a positive, friendly, and professional attitude.
  9. Displays exceptional dependability and needs little to no supervision.
  10. Creates a positive and safe work environment and enhances the image of the organization.

Nomination Process

Click the buttons below to access eligibility requirements and the entry forms for each award category. Nomination forms can be submitted only by any current employee of BRAVO Group Services.

Nomination forms must be submitted by October 22, 2022. Video nominations are also welcome.

BRAVO! Academic Scholarship Award
Open to all Employees

Award prize: $3,000

Brenda Brown Employee of the Year Award
Open to Supervisors and Front-Line Staff

Award prize: $1000

Hector Bonilla Humanitarian Award
Open to all Employees

Award prize: $1300

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