10 Things That May Not Be Getting Cleaned In Your Office

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When managing a business, cleanliness of the workplace may not be the first thing that appears in your to-do list. However, a sparkling clean work environment is paramount when it comes to running a successful business. A clean workplace boot your company’s image, creates customer confidence, and improves employees’ morale. However, some details may go unnoticed until when they get completely out of hand. Below is a list of things and places that may not be getting cleaned in your office.

Certain Sections of the Walls

More often than not, certain parts of the wall that are usually out of sight are easily neglected. These include areas behind the doors, hanging wall decor, and the windows. It is only after dust particles have accumulated long enough to cover the glitter and takes away the shimmering of the paint that one notices how dirty that part of the wall is.

Vacuum Vents

When the air conditioner is running continuously due to extreme temperatures during the cold or hot seasons, dust particles and other allergens tend to stick along the edges of the vents and the air exchange intakes.

Behind Computers

The spaces behind the monitors, under the CPUs and among other office electronics can be neglected. Also, computer keyboards are always in constant use in a modern office, where everything requires the use of computers to run. Dust particles accumulate between the spaces of the keyboard buttons anytime it is not cleaned, which is rare.

Filling Cabinets and Window Sills

Wind sills and filing cabinets are among the places that are usually not cleaned as frequently as they ought to.


Door knobs are prone to specks of dust from the collider and bacterial from the hands of office occupants and visitors. It’s best if they are disinfected on a regular basis.

Ceiling Boards

If ceiling boards are not cleaned on a regular basis, they will gather dust and develop dark spots around the vacuum vents.

Lighting Fixtures

In case you have not realized bulbs, fluorescents, assorted lamps and lamp shades are usually used in offices, and that is where bugs die. Most of the times they accumulate dust and blurs the light.


Rub your hand in a book shelve or pass a clean piece of cloth, did it come out clean? I highly doubt it did; this is because nobody remembers to clean them regularly, and the dust particles form, making them dirty.

Behind the Printers and Copy Machines

Heavy-duty printers and copiers may leave miniature particles behind them. Their fans may also cause dust particles to accumulate on the adjust walls, under them, and at the back of the printers.

These are a few areas in the office that are easy to overlook during cleaning. At Bravo! We have been providing office cleaning services for many years. With our team of professional janitors, you rest assured that such spots won’t be missed. What’s more, we have the experience, equipment, and skills to comb through the dust and grime that built up over several months. No job is too big or too small for us. If you are looking for premium cleaning services that reflect a world-class professional image, BRAVO GROUP SERVICES is here to serve you right.

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