Typically, an office will clean the obvious, in-your-face areas. Office workers will wash and put away their dishes, may keep their desks tidy, and the building may take out the recycling and garbage. However, office cleaning, much like home cleaning, needs to have more of a deep-clean approach. According to a study, approximately 4,800 surfaces in a typical office building are “officially dirty.” This includes taps, computer keyboards, fridge doors, and microwaves. Keep reading for the four top missed spots in office cleaning.

Areas Behind Large Appliances and Machines

The coffee machine in your office may look clean, but the underneath would tell a different story. Areas behind large appliances and machines (such as fridges, microwaves, printers, etc.) collect dust, spill stains, and crumbs. The dust can contribute to allergies for some of your employees, and the collection of spilled crumbs can lead to a pest infestation. A proper office cleaning routine includes moving all appliances and washing behind them.

Microwave (Inside and Out)

Office CleaningThe microwave in your office is likely used several times throughout the day, and the inside can often look like a crime scene. Food spillage can cake on and harden in the interior walls. This becomes a hot-spot for germs and bacteria. A microwave provides the warm environment germs need to multiply quickly.

However, the outside of the microwave is just as dirty. A study found that the handle to the microwave was one of the dirtiest items in a typical office. A great office cleaning routine includes a weekly scrub down of both the inside and the outside of the microwave.


As an item that stores food for the entire office, the fridge should be kept spotless at all times. That is usually not the case though. Creamer may spill, rotting food may be stored in the back of the fridge, and improperly closed packages may be leaking out odors in the fridge. All of this has the potential to give your employees food poisoning, which can lead to absenteeism in the office.

Similar to the microwave, the fridge cleaning doesn’t stop just inside the appliance. Refrigerator handles ranked as one of the more dirty spots in an office. As it’s very likely that every employee goes into the office refrigerator at least once a day, one sick employee could spread their flu to everyone else in the office quite quickly. A deep clean of both the inside and outside of the fridge should happen once a week.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting Fixtures

Dust can collect on any surface in an office. As the lighting fixtures and ceiling fans are typically so high above no one disturbs them, it’s a guarantee they have collected a thick layer of dust. If you have employees with asthma or allergies, this circulating dust can cause them to call in sick, which reduces your office’s productivity levels. You can’t exactly ask your employees to get on chairs and climb up to the ceiling to do some light dusting, but rest assured a quality cleaning service provider will include it in their office cleaning routine!


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