Winter Can Be Ruinous for Carpets Winter tends to be the harshest season in a lot of places. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that wintertime conditions can have ruinous consequences for carpets, thus making it necessary to replace them sooner than under other circumstances. However, there are various ways that businesses can use to mitigate the worst of those consequences, with an excellent example being professional carpet cleaning from the right commercial cleaning service.

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Help with the Damages of Winter?

Here are some examples of how professional carpet cleaning from the right commercial cleaning service can help with the damages of winter:

Remove Salt and Sand

professional carpet cleaningIn wintertime, it is a common practice for people to put down both salt and sand. The first material serves to provide much-needed traction, thus preventing dangerous slip and fall incidents. Meanwhile, the second material serves to lower the freezing point of water, thus making it more difficult for ice to form on the ground. Combined, these two materials can do a great deal of good for pedestrians and other people. However, one of the resulting problems is that people can track them indoors where they can do considerable damage to carpets. Something that is particularly true when either salt or sand is ground into the carpet by constant foot traffic. Professional carpet cleaning minimizes this particular problem by making sure that the carpet is free from not just salt and sand but also other unwanted substances, which should slow down the rate at which it picks up damaging wear and tear from foot traffic.

Prevent Water Damage

On a related note, people tend to track a great deal of snow into businesses during wintertime as well. Once indoors, that snow will melt, thus making for a great deal of water that will soak into the carpet as well as the rest of the flooring. Excessive amounts of moisture is very bad for carpets for various reasons. For instance, the water won’t do wonders for the material of the carpet. However, the bigger issue is that the water will create good growing conditions for mold and mildew, which can pose a real threat to human health. As such, professional carpet cleaning is useful for protecting the wellbeing of not just a business’s employees but also anyone else who sets foot in the same building.

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Based on this, it should be clear that professional carpet cleaning can do much to mitigate the damages of winter. On top of this, it even has other benefits such as contributing to a more professional image as well as ensuring that it can continue to be used for a longer period of time than otherwise possible. With that said, professional carpet cleaning needs to come from the right commercial cleaning service for it to have these beneficial effects, which is why interested parties should contact us at BRAVO! sooner rather than later for the full details.]]>

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