Do You Have A Maintenance Plan For Your Office Floors?

Having a maintenance plan is a prudent decision because it protects your investment. Renovations are quite expensive, and most business owners can agree. It is cost-effective to have a maintenance plan for your office floors rather than revamping every five or so years.

Your office floors endure a lot from the weight of furniture and equipment to foot traffic on a daily basis. Maintenance protracts the life of your flooring system. It also helps in keeping the warranty of the manufacturer pristine.

The common query is how one can come up with a holistic maintenance plan regarding office floors. Here are some few tips on that subject.

How to develop a flooring maintenance plan

office floorsThe first essential point to note is that any maintenance plan requires a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. It means that once you install your office floors, a maintenance plan should be underway.

A reactive approach is seeking for a floor renovating agency or restorative cleaning when you are in need. Mostly it happens when you wait until your office floors are damaged. You can start by hiring a flooring contractor to design a custom maintenance plan for your office floors after installation.

A professional flooring contractor or maintenance company will guide you through the entire process. There are a few factors the contractor will consider such as your budget range, the amount of pressure on your office floors and the manufacturer’s terms regarding the recommended maintenance procedures.

Your maintenance plan will depend on such factors. Once the expert evaluates the elements, then the implementation process begins. Your expert can have your office floor divided into sections depending on the amount of strain. The rooms with heavy furniture or equipment will require more work compared to a conference room for example.

There are certain services that you will require as part of your maintenance plan for your office floors. They include;

Janitorial services

BRAVO! is among the best maintenance companies that offer excellent specialized janitorial services. They have the latest technology and the right equipment for the job. Their services include carpet care, clean room services, emergency services, hard surface floor care, recycling services, construction clean up, restroom sanitation and special event services among others.

You can have a schedule concerning when you need specific janitorial services. Some are part of the routine maintenance such as carpet care while others are part of the periodic maintenance. Different commercial carpets may have a slight difference regarding the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

A qualified maintenance company such as BRAVO! will ensure the routine and periodic maintenance for your office floors follows all guidelines from the manufacturer. The four major flooring systems include commercial carpet, ceramic tile, LVT and VCT. Each flooring system will require different maintenance practices to keep your office floors looking clean and pleasant.

All flooring systems have routine and periodic maintenance practices. Regarding the needs of your office floors, a maintenance company will know the best cleaning procedures. It is essential to work with a maintenance expert with vast experience and knowledge.

BRAVO! offers other maintenance services such as electrical work and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance. For more information on maintenance services, you can contact BRAVO! today and start working on your maintenance plan for your office floors.


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