Workplace Safety & Cleanliness

A clean workplace Workplace safety is fundamental to a company. A clean office is a sign that a workplace is not hazardous and is a safe environment to work. A good cleaning system reduces contamination and injuries in the workplace. The workplace is known to be a breeding ground for bacteria, and this may reduce the employee’s productivity due to sick offs leaves. Slips, trips and falls injuries that are common in workstations can be done away with by having a clean working environment. Moreover, a decent working place improves a company’s image. Some companies choose to have their in-house cleaning employees to deal with the hygiene and maintenance workplace safety. Alternatively, the company may decide to employ outside cleaning services such as BRAVO!, which offers a variety of services inclusive of janitorial services. Here are some ways to conduct workplace cleanliness.

1. Proper disposal of Waste

Having an appropriate collection of waste methods in the workstation is essential. Allowing waste to pile up, breeds pests and consumes time as additional time is required to clean it up. Separate trash from recyclable ones. A typical waste disposal area can be set up in the office such having a dust bin in the office. Regular garbage collection helps maintain a clean and safe environment for employees and visitors. The cleaning crew ensures that the trash is taken out and disposed of regularly to keep the office hygienic.

2. Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of the office from top to bottom help maintain hygiene in the office. The cleaning crew does thorough cleaning by re-cleaning the office; they can clean windows and floors first before moving to the next areas. Areas include all the office area from toilets, offices to boardrooms. Cleaning the windows routinely helps to let the natural light to shine in the office. Slow foot traffic makes it easier to conduct cleaning. Besides cleaning the washrooms and scenting them will help create comfort for people who are in the workplace. Moreover, the cleaning service company should consider proper handling of cleaning chemicals to ensure safety by labeling them and keeping them safe.

3. Having dry floors

Slips and falls are common workplace injuries. Causes of slips, trip, and falls can be clutter and spillage. By maintaining dry and hygienic surface help in workplace safety. Assess uncleaned floors thoroughly. The surface is dried and free from moisture or waste. Have a regular schedule in place such as rapid response to spills. Additionally, you can add mats in areas common for slips. The cleaning and maintenance staff offers quick cleaning of spillage in the office and also help declutter the office. Signs such as ‘wet area’ help reduce accidents while the crew is cleaning.

4. Proper cleaning management in place

A cleaning service company like BRAVO! Has effective cleaning management that ensures everyone in the office are aware of and follow their roles and responsibilities in keeping workplace safety. Effective cleaning management provides that all cleaning methods of all floors in the office are routinely recorded and updated. A reliable cleaning procedure is put in place and known by every staff. Consequently, providing workers with training on how to deal with workplace safety.]]>

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