As a facility manager or business owner, one of your most important assets can be a clean and attractive office. Customers, employees, and visitors often equate cleanliness with success. When you present a clean environment, you offer a positive and professional atmosphere in which to conduct business.

In-house cleaners are cost prohibitive…

As the saying often goes…time is money. If you employ your own office cleaner, you are paying for every minute that he/she is on the clock, including wages, benefits, insurance, and taxes. You will be paying for a full day of work whether they are spending that entire time cleaning or not. In addition to the regular costs of employing your cleaner, you will likely have some start-up costs to hire, train and equip your custodian.

Benefits of professional office cleaning services…

When you choose to hire a professional facility maintenance service to handle your office cleaning needs, you will save both time and money. You will also be saving energy and resources. A professional office cleaning company will have already incurred the costs of hiring and training cleaners. A quality cleaning company will be skilled in utilizing the most efficient cleaning processes and methods. Furthermore, a professional facility maintenance service has knowledge of health and safety regulations and will ensure that your office is in compliance.

In addition to saving energy and resources by hiring a professional office cleaning company, you will also save yourself the burden of purchasing materials and equipment. For proper cleaning, you would need a commercial vacuum cleaner, commercial carpet cleaner, commercial floor waxer/buffer, commercial window cleaning equipment, and miscellaneous supplies and chemicals. All this equipment could easily cost you thousands of dollars, and you would need to have a space to store these machines and supplies.

An in-house staff would need to be trained on the use and upkeep of professional cleaning equipment. Additionally, steps would need to be taken to properly and safely store the chemicals used for cleaning. There may also be rules and regulations regarding the disposal of cleaning waste and debris. A professional facility maintenance service already possesses the knowledge and expertise in this area to keep your office clean, safe, and healthy for your employees and clients.

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