The most important aspect of the work environment is cleanliness. A clean and hygienic workplace not only promotes productivity but also employee and customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a clean work environment, and importantly a clean restroom.

Can New Technology Help Make Restroom Maintenance More Efficient?Do you remember the last time you walked into a dirty restroom—how did it make you feel? No need to answer, but I bet it was not a nice experience. It is estimated that around 98% of people tend to avoid places with dirty restrooms, you included. It is, therefore, safe to say that restroom maintenance says a lot about your company, so why not do it right—call BRAVO! Professionals to get started.

With the world moving from the manual processes of doing things, technology is an important factor to consider in bathroom maintenance. From web-enabled sensors in bath-tissue, soap dispensers and in hand towels wirelessly transmitting refill needs before they even arise, to toilet stalls with advanced people counters technology is aimed at helping you work efficiently and create a cleaner environment.

So why should you integrate technology into your restroom maintenance?

Better Staff Management

Data from smart dispensers can help managers in their staffing decisions. For example, the cleaning schedule can be moved to a need-based cleaning schedule since the systems will alert if there was a cleaning need.

Sorting Issues Before They Arise

Smart restroom systems alerts managers before issues arise. Soap dispensers linked to the cloud, for example, will give a notification when the supply is almost depleted. Some cleaning equipment too records the service hours and notifies when they need servicing to prevent damage.

Efficient Supply Ordering

Real-time data from the restrooms help predict the usage patterns and in turn helps the manager to order for supplies before they run out. This helps to prevent a shortage of the cleaning and restroom products needed.

Identifying Traffic Patterns

Things like smart restroom stalls can help keep track of the number of people visiting a specific restroom and can help identify the restrooms with the most traffic. By comparing this information to events and break times the manager can estimate which restroom has the most traffic and when. This enables the manager to identify which restrooms need more attention during work events.

Letting Technology Do Most of the Work

At BRAVO! We believe that working smart and not working hard is the best way to go. Traditional methods required staff to keep maintenance of the entire building. This is sometimes strenuous and time-consuming. Incorporating technology with your cleaning ensures that little manpower is required for the best results.

Opportunity to Impress

As we stated earlier, the condition of your restroom gives makes a great impression on tenants and guests. A fully stocked and clean restroom is likely to get you more referrals. Technology can help you just do that. With real-time updates you are always prepared for even the worst.

About Us

Advancements in technology are inevitable and embracing technology in everything you do helps put you ahead of the game. At BRAVO! We are dedicated to using the latest technology in every aspect of our business. If you need janitorial work, electrical work and HVAC maintenance contact us today on 1-866-OH-BRAVO and take the next step with us.

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