According to the US Department of Labor, job openings in the US currently exceed the number of job seekers.

“The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) issued today by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed a record 6.7 million available jobs in the United States during the month of April. Previously released BLS data showed 6.3 million job seekers in April”

Although this is great news for the economy, and pretty good news for those job seekers, it might make things tough for the people looking to fill open positions at their companies. 

Outsourcing Facility Maintenance

Outsourcing Facility Maintenance During A Talent ShortageWhen finding qualified job candidates becomes difficult, it is often easier to let someone else deal with as much of it as is reasonable.  Outsourcing facility maintenance is a place where it is very reasonable.  Hiring a company to take care of cleaning your facility allows your Human Resources to focus on finding candidates to fill the positions that are important to the specific needs of your business, while leaving the search for more generalized positions to the company you hire.  

Cleaning crews are far better to bring in then hire full time.  For the same price as a full time employee, you can get a whole crew to come in for a shorter time at night to clean your facility.  You won’t need to waste time finding them, or training them either.  And when you choose a top tier facility maintenance company like BRAVO! Group Services, you will also have access to HVAC maintenance and repairs, as well as electrical workers and other maintenance professionals.  

When you outsource your facility maintenance needs, you get highly trained, highly experienced professionals on call. And when you choose a full service facility maintenance company like BRAVO! Group Services to cover all of your maintenance needs, that call will be to someone you know and trust. Your BRAVO! representative will be a part of your team. Someone who will schedule your maintenance for you, and be there in case of emergencies. It is like having the top qualified candidate on staff, but you didn’t have to find them, hire them and train them.

There When and Where You Need Us

BRAVO! Group Services has offices across the country from New Jersey to Oklahoma that are ready to become a part of your businesses team. Our staff has exceptional training and experience that will enable them to handle the maintenance needs of your facility.

When the economy is doing good, we can all expect to see more profits, and we can all expect to do more work. When the labor market is as tight as it is, it is nice to know that you can allow your HR team the luxury of focusing on finding the top candidates for your business, and let BRAVO! Worry about finding and training the people to keep your business running smoothly. 

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