I am sure you have noticed that everyone is sick these days. It isn’t just a little runny nose either. The flu has been particularly bad this year, and it has hit North Carolina and the Charlotte area with a vengeance. If you are worried that the flu is going to leave your workers missing days and cut into the productivity of your business, you should look into Charlotte office cleaning to help reduce the spread of germs around your workplace, and provide your staff and clients with a healthy environment.

Germs Thrive In The Workplace

Charlotte Office Cleaning Will Keep Your Staff Safe From A Dangerous Flu SeasonThe workplace is not the cleanest place around (check out this list of the 10 filthiest things in your office). Most of your staff is busy doing the jobs you pay them for, and not particularly concerned about sanitizing the break room after lunch. Realistically, this is a good thing because the level of compensation for your staff is presumably higher then the level of compensation for a janitor. If you ask your staff to take care of cleaning duties, you are wasting money, and your staff may even feel demoralized if they are expected to do cleaning duties. This can created inadequately done cleaning, and lower productivity in other aspects of their jobs, and could even lead to higher turnaround.

Getting The Right People For The Job

When you bring in a professional Charlotte office cleaning crew to take care of your cleaning needs, you not only keep from demoralizing your staff, but you get a cleaning staff that is happy to do their job, and trained to do it correctly. There is an old saying that you can’t judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree. I think this means that having the right person for the job is just as important as having the right tool for the job. A professional Charlotte office cleaning staff knows what cleaning solutions to use, and what touchable surfaces to focus on to reduce germs and minimize the risks of spreading the flu and other illnesses. They also know how to eliminate pollen and other allergens from the office. This can help lower staff sick days even more, and increase the productivity of your office significantly.

What About Your HVAC?

Speaking of allergens and other airborne contagions, these things can collect in your vents, ducts and HVAC systems and then get spread around your office when the system kicks on. To prevent this, you should contact BRAVO! Group Services. Not only does BRAVO! have the top rated Charlotte office cleaning crews that can disinfect, and clean your workplace, they also have highly skilled HVAC techs that can test and maintain your HVAC system to make sure that you are not creating poor air quality, or wasting money with a system in need of service.

So Give BRAVO! Group Services a call today and we can figure out a plan specific to the needs of you and your business that will help keep your office running at peak efficiency.

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