A well-maintained, sanitary building is pleasant and inviting, but one that’s dingy and dirty is worse than uninviting – it can actually cost you money. In fact, customers rate a clean store or business as their top reason for prefering one business over a competitor – even higher than selection and customer service. You may think that outsourcing your facility maintenance isn’t in your budget, but can you really afford not to?

You control the first impression

First impressions are lasting impressions, and nothing lasts longer than the smell of a dirty building. When you have messy floors, dusty shelving, and unsanitary washrooms, your customers will notice – and they won’t come back. Once you’ve established a reputation as a dirty store, it’s difficult to overcome.

Walking into a store with sparkling tile, clean shelves, and a pleasant-smelling restroom makes a great first impression on your visitors, and paints their overall impression of your goods, services, and even employees in a positive light.

Allow your employees to do their jobs

why you should outsource your facility maintenanceWhen you hire someone for guest service and sales, technical support, or management, there’s a certain personality and skill set that you desire. The intent of hiring friendly, sales-focused employees is to retain customers and increase revenue. When you add janitorial and maintenance aspects to those job descriptions, at the best you’ll have a salesperson who isn’t trained to deep-clean responsible for sanitizing all touchable surfaces and dusting shelving. They may or may not do a good job.

At worst, you’ll cause resentment from your staff, and draw them away from the active selling and customer service you’ve hired them to do. When you outsource facility maintenance to trained professionals, you allow your customer service representatives and managers to focus on the guest experience, and sell more product.

Hiring a cleaning service may cost you less

A professional cleaning service has the ability to purchase specialty products in bulk and owns specialized cleaning equipment designed to sanitize as well as clean. Cleaning services bring their own equipment and supplies, cutting down on your need to purchase and store said supplies. Plus, a cleaning company trains their bonded teams to be effective and efficient, spending less time to complete the tasks that an employee of your business may, especially if those cleaning tasks are added to that employee’s other duties.

You know that your building is professionally maintained

You entice your customers by offering expertise in your industry. Allow a reputable facility maintenance service to do the same for you. Professional facility maintenance companies such as BRAVO! have years of experience developing best practices for cleanliness and sanitation. This experience is valuable to the business owner, as it allows you to be comfortably assured that your store is receiving the best possible janitorial servicing. BRAVO! company, for instance, has focused on providing “green” cleaning for a healthier earth and healthier employees. There is a growing interest in green cleaning technologies that can provide a competitive advantage enhancing brand perception, employee health and productivity and customer satisfaction.

When you’ve decided to outsource your facility maintenance to the professionals, give BRAVO! A call or visit us online. We can provide a custom quote for your business, and all cleaning teams are bonded and insured.

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