Office cleaning isn’t something that a lot of people like to think about. Let’s face it, your staff has a job to do, and that job isn’t cleaning. It is almost a catch 22. You need your staff to do the job that you hired them to do, and if they take time away from that to clean the office, they are being less productive at their job. However, if your office isn’t kept clean, that makes your staff less productive as well. So what do you do? You hire an outside office cleaning company, that is what you do.

How Does A Clean Office Increase Productivity

Right off the bat, a clean office puts people in the mood to work. They see that the management cares about the workspace, and therefore cares about the work. This motivates people. If someone is in a messy office they thing that no one cares, and they don’t have to care either. It may seem silly, but it really is that simple. If your staff thinks you don’t care, then they won’t care either.

Good Office Cleaning = Good Health

Dirt and dust get everywhere. And in a busy office, that dirt and dust gets kicked up into the air reducing air quality. Your staff (and clients) breathe that debris and it affects how they feel. Dirt and dust can give you a headache, congestion, runny nose, or shortness of breath. In the case of your staff, these things will make them work slower, and leave them thinking less clearly. In the case of clients, this could make them uncomfortable and less likely to spend as much. In some cases it may even make them less likely to return to your business. They may even equate that bad feeling with their feelings about your business. Whether it is your staff or clients that are breathing it, poor air quality can cost you money.

Office Cleaning TrainingThey say, in many cases, by the time you feel sick you have been contagious for days. With people coming and going all the time, touchable surfaces in your office can become covered in germs that can get you sick. If your staff comes to work when they are sick, they risk infecting everyone else on your staff as well as your clients.  Not to mention a sick person simply does not work as effectively. If they stay home… well there isn’t any work getting done if they stay home.

Of course, it takes trained professional commercial cleaners to know what cleaning compounds to use, and specifically what surfaces to clean with them that to most effective at ridding an office of germs. That is why it is important to use someone who knows what they are doing, and not just ask your staff to clean.

BRAVO! Group Services has teams available across the country to be able to handle your office cleaning needs. Get in touch with an office near you, and our team will work with your team to keep your facility clean and sanitary for the health and well being of you, your staff, and your clients.

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