5 Cleaning Tips to Boost Office Productivity

There is a proverb that goes, “your space reflects your state of mind.” A clean workspace means that you are productive and focused on your goals while a messy office reveals that all in not well in your mind. According to Psychology Today Magazine, disorganization within the office causes difficulty in decision making.

Regardless of the size of your business, it is beneficial to have a clean and organized working environment. It improves office productivity and keeps you calm. Here are some of the cleaning tips you can apply to boost productivity in your office:

1. Keep desks dust-free

5 Cleaning Tips to Boost Office ProductivityWorking in a dirty environment lowers the morale of your staff. Further, it makes your team sick, thereby reducing office productivity due to high rate of absenteeism. Ensure that you dust the desks every night to avoid build-up of dust particles. You should also remove all the supplies from the counters and wipe the surfaces once a week to keep the workspace a healthy environment for your staff.

2. Empty the trash regularly

You do not have to wait for the trash can to be full of litter to empty it. The longer it takes to leave a trash can, the higher the chances of bacteria build-up and spread in the workplace. Create a routine to empty the trash cans every day even if they are not full.

If you do not have trash cans in your office, you should plan on buying one for each desk or work station. This gives your staff an easier time disposing of office waste.

3. Clean the floor daily

An office that is littered with dirt does not inspire productivity. Moreover, it also turns off your potential customers. Cleaning the floors every night ensures that your office is well-arranged and safe for your staff. A clean office provides a positive first impression to prospects and encourages them to come back with more friends next time! Would you not like that?

4. Clean the phones

Phones contain a lot of germs because you carry them everywhere you go. Phones can be a source of infection to your staff if not disinfected every day. Ensure that you clean your phones every day at the office with anti-bacterial wipes to make them germ-free and reduces the chances of cross-contamination. A healthy staff is a productive staff.

5. Get rid of bad smell

Carpets and floors that are not adequately cleaned usually have an unpleasant odor. A work environment with a bad smell reduces the morale of staff and therefore, office productivity goes down. The foul smell also distracts your employees from their primary duties.

Ensure that your carpets are properly cleaned and well-dried by the time they are brought back to the office to get rid of bad smells. Moreover, you can introduce scents such as orange or lemon or lavender in the office space. These beautiful scents inspire productivity in staff because it improves their concentration.

Clean offices improve the productivity and morale of the staff. Some of the cleaning tips include dusting the desks, sweeping the floors and getting rid of lousy scent using fruit-flavored air fresheners. BRAVO! is a professional cleaning company that provides excellent commercial cleaning services at affordable rates. Contact BRAVO! today to get a free quote.

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