Keeping Your Facility Maintained Increases Revenue By Making A Better First Impression

It is critical to make an excellent first impression for your business to become influential. It only takes a glance, usually less than five seconds, for people to contemplate about your business when they visit for their first time. Within this short span, they will form an opinion about you based on the appearance of your facility.

With each new encounter, your business gets evaluated, and another person’s impression of it is created. The first impression can almost be impossible to reverse, and they always define the relationships that follow.

Most contents about first impressions revolve around two themes:

  • They are formed very fast
  • It is challenging to change them once established

Whether your facility is suburban or urban, multi- or single-tenant, owned or leased, consumers have already created an opinion about it. This is based on the physical condition of the facility before any interaction with your team.

Keeping Your Facility Maintained Increases Revenue By Making A Better First ImpressionThink of your personal experiences when visiting any of the vast numbers of service or product providers. Most likely, there are times that you have drove up to a building for your first meeting with a doctor or an attorney and thought “Wow, nice place,” and other times when you feel like “What a forsaken place.” Before parking your car, you have already created an impression about the provider based on the exterior physical state of their facility. Does an un-trimmed backyard or shedding paint have anything to do with the quality of service you will get from your provider? Not really. But with the current fierce competition in the market, why give your potential client any reason to have negative thoughts about you?

As an accredited commercial facility organization, BRAVO! has invariably demonstrated the utilization of the best practices in the industry of commercial property and facility management to make sure that our customers’ locations are in the best possible condition. Also, rooted within our values is the promise that your facility will be appealing, efficient, compliant, and safe, all of which will affect its ability to change sentiment directly.

Here are some of the benefits you will get by letting BRAVO! do your facility management to ensure an excellent first impression:

Facility Attractiveness

We provide various services that will make your facility appealing to the visitors. These include exterior lighting and signage condition, excellent janitorial services, regular garbage collection, carpet cleaning, stripping and sealing, garage sweeping, repair upkeep, painting, and landscape maintenance.

Enhanced Efficiency

BRAVO! will ensure that your premises stay within the best working condition to create an excellent first impression to your customers. We ensure that the place has operating elevators, comfortable temperatures, automatic lights, descriptive signage, effective door seals, etc.


We also ensure that your facility meets the required legal standards. Our compliance services include designing walks and lots for disabled individuals, installing Railings and ADA access, documented evacuation procedures, exit signage, and appropriate licensing for chemical applicators.

Increased safety: Our team ensures that the walks and lots are cleared before working hours, there are sufficient interior and exterior lighting, uneven walkways get marked and potholes repaired.

Increased Revenue: When customers get a good first impression from the look of your facility, they will likely become long-term clients, which will ultimately increase your revenues.

BRAVO! helps customers create a great first impression by making sure your facility is appealing, efficient, compliant and safe. We would be happy to help you with that.

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