Have You Thought about Your Indoor Air Quality? Maintaining a pleasing office space is an important consideration for businesses. In part, this is because a pleasing office space makes for happier employees, which in turn, makes for more productive employees. However, it should also be noted that indoor air quality can have a very real effect on the employees’ health, meaning that issues with said factor can lead to serious disruptions to the business’s revenue-earning operations. If you are curious about the best way to maintain good indoor air quality, you should know that it starts with carpet maintenance.

How Does Carpet Maintenance Contribute to Indoor Air Quality?

Since the floor sees so much traffic, it makes sense that the floor needs a bigger share of the office cleaning. Carpets are no exception to this rule. In fact, the challenges of said process makes it even more important because it is so much easier for something to go wrong. Generally speaking, carpets should be deep cleaned not once but twice in a single year. After which, the carpets need to be dried using carpet dryers to make sure that the remaining moisture won’t create the perfect breeding environments for mold and other potential problems. Eventually, there will come a time when the carpet will need to be replaced based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, but in the meantime, its useful lifespan can be extended with the proper cleaning methods using the proper cleaning equipment. With that said, carpets need a lot of carpet maintenance, so much so that the parts with heavier traffic should receive a minimum of two passes with a vacuum every day. Naturally, this is a considerable demand of time and effort. Moreover, this can call for a fair amount of expertise and experience as well, seeing as how some kinds of carpeting can be even bigger cleaning challenges. For example, there are some places that are hard to reach but nonetheless need regular cleaning because they contribute to the office space’s indoor air quality. Likewise, walk-off mats need even more cleaning resources because they see so much more use. Theoretically, businesses can entrust this carpet maintenance to their own employees, but in practice, that tends to be a bad idea. In part, this is because the business will need to buy the right cleaning equipment to make sure that they can do the job right for the best results. However, there is the matter of using up the precious time of employees who have already had other duties and responsibilities entrusted to them. Never mind getting them to use the right cleaning methods as well. Combined, these factors make a trusted cleaning service provider such as BRAVO! the better option for most businesses.

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Of course, there is still the matter of choosing the right cleaning service provider. If you are unsure about your options, you should contact us at BRAVO! so that we can answer all of your questions for a fully-informed decision. We are a particularly good choice because we can offer not just cleaning but also maintenance, thus making us a comprehensive solution for those who want the best office space that they can have.]]>

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