Germs are lurking everywhere in our world, threatening to infect us with any number of communicable diseases. We can control the spread of germs in our homes better by cleaning up after ourselves and following a cleaning and disinfecting schedule, especially during flu season. But how can we fight the germs we face every day in the workplace? How can we stay healthy when those around us are spreading germs throughout the building? One way is to know where the germs are hiding, so we can take proper precautions to avoid contamination from these areas. Here’s a list of the top offenders in the workplace germ battle.


Of all the objects on your desk at work, your phone is the filthiest. Between the sheer number of individuals using the same phone and the fact that many people who use the phone are already infected, the spread of germs and disease go almost unchecked in the workplace.

Elevator Buttons

Everyone that uses the elevator touches the buttons, leaving more and more germs behind as the day passes. Any guesses which button is likely to be the most contaminated? That’s right, it’s the 1st floor button.

Water Fountains & Water Coolers

Before you stop to refresh yourself or fill your water bottle, you will want to stop and wash your hands first. Studies show that nearly 25% of all water cooler and water fountain buttons pose a major risk for transmission of disease.

Germs Are Hiding In Your WorkplaceKeyboards

Computer keyboards, especially those for communal use, can contain very high levels of germ contamination. Remember, just because they don’t “look” dirty doesn’t mean they are clean.


Office bathrooms are any workplace’s number one germ hotspot. The most offensive contamination concern is the feminine hygiene container, followed closely by door handles and latches. One out of every four people don’t wash their hands each time they take a bathroom break, leaving surfaces infested with germs and bacteria.

Office Kitchen

Taking your lunch to work may be a straightforward way to save money, but it could end up making you sick. Germs are lurking around every corner in an office kitchen. Almost everyone who enters the room touches the microwave door handle, refrigerator door handle, and the coffee maker handle without washing their hands, leaving a trail of germs behind them for the next user.

Office Desks

Office desks, according to one study, are more than 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. How could that be possible? The bathroom toilet is cleaned and disinfected much more often than an office desk. Think about this the next time you decide to eat your lunch at your desk.

Reception Area

The lobby is the first stop for everyone who enters your building. It is a major contamination area for any workplace, harboring germs on every door handle, chair, table, and magazine. Anything you touch in the waiting area has been contaminated by some sort of germ and is a potential danger to your health.

You can protect yourself from many germs by washing your hands often, but that won’t get rid of the problem for everyone. The best way to ensure that your employees stay healthy enough to maintain proper attendance at work is to have your workplace professionally cleaned by experts in germ eradication. BRAVO! Group Services offers a complete line of professional janitorial services, along with HVAC maintenance and other services, to get your workplace clean and safe from the germs that cause disease. Contact BRAVO! today and discover how a truly clean workplace can maximize your business’s productivity.

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